GDT: Ticats @ Bombers

QB throwing to avoid a loss to an area where there is no receiver. Textbook grounding. In both other cases tonight the QB was in a grasp and being tackled with whistles sounding.

Pretty straightforward really.

Agree cartman, I sure didn't see any controversy with these plays.

No one wants to win in the bad (L)East division.

So was the call on MBT that's my point . MBT was tossing it sideways to a an ant walking by . Got the initials mixed fixed it .

The second one was just Nichols tossing it no grasp . Both those calls were less evident than MBT's mysterious throw while falling down to a invisible receiver to his
right .

That's my point last weeks call still has me fuming .

The four headless chicken race continues .

Penalties killed the Tabbys. That and OL inability to protect Masoli. He did yeoman's work out there tonight.

The more I watch Masoli, the harder it gets for me to not consider him my favourite player in the CFL. As a Redblacks fan, does this make me a traitor?

Good show Tabbys. Next time.....

I like him too .

He has that fighting spirit .

That along with 3 dropped interceptions.

The Tabbys were sloppy with penalties, dropped balls and missed passes to be sure. So it makes it all the more impressive that they only lost by 6 points. The Tabby's loss this evening was a lot more palatable than the big pile of steaming dung that my number one team dropped on the field last week.

but the ball crossed the LOS by about half a yard. It was a poor call. Eye in the sky needs to catch that stuff.

It was short of the LOS by a 1/2 yard

He really missed Tasker as his go-to WR - also Saunders in the backfield.

Have to find at least one more iron-willed o-lineman.

Wonder if Dyakowsky (Northern Ontario's smartest man) has any game left?

Wouldn't be surprised if the Ticats pick off recent roid-bannded Spooner Qadar from bombers?

Spooner hasn't made starter for 3 years - even with the steroids. Bombers have too many canadians that are superior to him. His future not with the bombers - especially after the steroid ban.

Hammy prolly gets him for 3rd or 4th round pick

Actually a pretty good crowd of over 26,000 last night .

…...Bombers played good enough to win and win they did...Second spot in the west now shared with the schmoes

…..AND Lyle.....Spooner is not going anywhere....we're keeping him and his enhancers...3rd. or a 4th. rounder LOL....Now you're living the Dolce Vita in fantasyland...LOL

Looked full on TV

Looked rather full also. Surprised they didn't announce 28,000 because Miller can pull any number he likes, no consequences whatsoever.

Noticed the lower corners were rather sparse - IGF no longer has a 33,400 capacity - its now hovering in the 32,000 to 32,400 range - they overbuilt capacity compared to the old barn which was somewhere in the 28,500 range before they torched it.

Really tough selling out at the prices the bombers now charge. Lower corners prolly a pricing error by Miller and his sales staff. Analysis required.

26,000 for another eastern team in mid July actually superb. The most startling thing is that most ticket buyers came out to the thing. Like I said before it looked 27,000 to 27,500 so unless they're announcing actual gate admissions NOT tickets sold, who knows? Miller will always go with the higher figure anyways, so I'm trusting the 26,200 number - meaning 5,500 to 6,000 unsold pieces of inventory.

Pappi Z - perhaps Spooner is worth more. After all, he went 15th overall in 2017 disasterous draft where the team got Kaka Kakatie at #1, Ghost of Geoff Gray at #6/#8 and Spoons at #15.

Only trouble trading Spooner (Hamilton would be on the eager to acquire list) is his lack of game action and being tested vs. power & muscle guys trying to rip his QBs head off. Thats why a 3rd or 4th rounder was suggested - if the guy was a lock to start - then its a 1st rounder - or a roster player PLUS a 2nd rounder!

If Dressler is down for any period (2 or more games) then perhaps Walters starts negging with teams with extra speed WRs. Dressler was injured last night - Blind Rod missed it completely and never took advice from his sideline folks about Dressler going down!

…..I've got a feeling Casper Gray might appear....then we might get serious about parting ways with a canuck o lineman....Wally of the Big Empty on the coast tried to pry him off of our pr last year so somebody besides us sees something in him...BUT beyond all that why would we be willing to help any other club with their woes...Didn't see anyone breaking down our doors with help in the past....Papa is getting mean and stingy in his older years AND he has a looooong memory :wink:

Bang on !

Funny Robert, my sentiments exactly except I'm thinking the more I watch O'Shea with the Bombers, the more I want him as head coach for the TiCats and the more I'm sort of falling in love with the Bombers as each second ticks by despite living in The Hammer. Weird stuff. Maybe I'm a traitor as well???

Go Bombers Go! Maybe... :-\ :-\ :-\ I'm just falling in love with that team there in Manitoba truth be told.