GDT: Ticats @ Bombers

Hamilton took game one.

Will it be a sweep? Or a split?

Bombers@Ticats ? As a Bomber season ticket holder I didn't realize that we're going to have to drive so far to get to the game tonight. :wink:

Gotta go with the team from peg city tonight, I think they can grind it out. My wife is from Hamilton and THINKS that I root for the ti's second to the Lions but I don't.. SHhhh 8)

Teams are pretty even - despite the shrieks of fellow bomber fans the Ticats have just as many superstars as the bombers. OK, maybe Harris is in a league of his own - but he can be controlled with right defensive alignment.

Masoli is every bit as good as Nichols.

That guy who plays LB for Hammy is different than Bighill but just as effective.

June "Its August, Dammit" Jones is a far more balanced football mind than the eccentric and cluster-fu**ed by detail Miguel O'Shea . . .

With hot, humid conditions - gametime temp estimated at 32/33 I suspect the fitter team will emerge late in the 3rd quarter and the less fit team will come out of the chute like a house on fire - but fade down the stretch . . . .

Ticats by 4

If things go strangely awkward for Plop, Nichols, O'Shea, Richie Hall - - - - the bombers could sink badly - perhaps by as much as 22 pts.

Anyways, too many people calling game 8 in the sked a must win. So what happens if you lose? You default the rest of the season? Didn't think so!

Bombers at 5-3 or 4-4 about where I thought they'd be - maybe even better considering Nichols scary injury during training camp.

Regardless of outcome tonite - the west is gonna be a 5 way slobbernocker . . . . with only Calgary guaranteed 1st (80% favourites) or 2nd at the worst.

The other 4 teams are in it to win it (or lose it) for 2nd, 3rd, 4th & garbage bag day!

No difference between that one and the Bethelthompson throw and they didn't call a sack in the Ottawa game .

Masoli's was actually a proper throw going forward .

Different rules different game .

Hamilton giving the game away with fumbles and turnovers.

Depends on when the refs blow the whistle. Different games, different plays.

Yup, an issue in this first half no question. Bighill, excellent player.

I watched Hamilton lose at home to Ottawa two weeks ago and a big part of that loss was undisciplined play. They won last week against Montreal but Winnipeg ain’t Montreal.

four or five years ago this would be considered a horribly attended game. The fact that BC, Mtl, and TO collectively draw about 40k nowadays, and Calgary cant even pull in 20k in actual attendance, makes this seem like a solid crowd.

What great catch by Speedy Banks

The Cats dominating the stats and time of possession, are finally hanging in and just scoring.
Making it interesting in this the last quarter.

Good game. :slight_smile:

Yes it is, maybe another wild finish?

Way to rally, cats.

Okay how about that one on Nichols grounding . Now it really is rules interpreted differently .

Great call by Black & Forde tonight. TSN’s best duo.

Bighill gets it done .

Wow, again the Cats have the ball less than 2 minutes in good shape at their 45 yard line and nothing, not even come close.
The play calling with the OC or the Head Coach, is horrid.

The better team won but Cats made it close even though they played some undisciplined ball. Fitting end to see Bighill making a big play.

Agree ArgoT, you have to wonder about some of that play calling by the Cats.