GDT: Ticats @ Als

These two teams won't play again until the final week of the regular season.

FWIW the Ticats beat the Als 30-15 in the preseason. In Quebec.

...nothing exciting happening in this one, can't remember...

Tonight is the beginning of


Can you feel it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm so excited that I've got butterflies in my stomach . I even have my CFL endorsed Depends at the ready to slip on at game time just in case I get over excited and wet myself or make a mess in my pants the first time that Johnny hits the field . As for how I think Johnny will do tonight ? Depends!!!

Possibly the most anticiapted game of the season, and only a few posts? :o

Man, I came home early from the beach just to watch this one!

What's Johnny gonna do? Will Adams have to come in to replace him? Will the fans boo him again?
Will Adams walk off the field pissed off??

Calling the Cats by more than 14. The dark days are still over Montreal for awhile.

Pretty impressive stat for the other JM, 9 of 10 games over 300 yards.

And there you go, Cats put up the major easy on 1st drive. Recievers open big time, are there any Al's in the secondary?

...well, think I’ll go clean the shop

I feel bad for Mike Sherman. Maybe he could have been a winner like Trestman, or flamed out like Bart Andrus and Dan Hawkins, or perhaps fallen somewhere in between. Unfortunately he's been saddled with a GM like Kavis Reed so he's been basically set up for failure. Reeds is capable of filling out a roster with football players, but he doesn't now how to assemble a team and so you have this disorganized mishmash. And then the CFL experienced coaches Sherman's been saddled with are terrible. I loved Khari Jones as a QB here in Winnipeg, and he's been OK as a QB coach. But every chance he's had as an OC has been underwhelming. The D has also been subpar under Stubler. He's probably wishing he can be set free at this point.

And the guy the Als traded for Johnny scores a TD on the blocked punt.

Pretty ugly so far. I said it before, but man this is not the exposure we want for all these new fans checking this game out. The Al’s??

Geeez the Montréal receivers have got to help him out.

Cats scoring at will now. Going to be a long long game for the Als.

Is this too ugly or too friggin hilarious? :-* :-* :-*

Johnny, the NFL is calling, eh? :-* :-* :-*

This is looking early like the same Ottawa domination yesterday.

The last place headless chickens are getting fried in front of a good crowd for Montreal .

JF learning under fire with nothing to lose now may help JF actually learn something
if he starts with simple plays and executes with some success .

Has anyone helped him out? The whole team is at fault.

Hi all unable to listen or watch game so far. Busy night in cell division C
How is that Mr. Football Johnny guy doing. How is that working out. Please update.
Is Mr Black still sucking. Cheers and thanks.

What a..... INT! Go Johnny Go!! :-* :-* :-* :-* NFL phones are all lit up! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Hey Earl haven't heard much from you lately .

Good to hear your still taking in the game .