GDT: Ticats @ Als

These two teams play each other twice this year.

Once on the first weekend of August, and again on the final weekend of the regular season.

Just a reminder TSN has added this game to their schedule. TSN 1 and 5 at Noon ET. Saturday.

A couple of years ago these two met in the season finale at Hamilton. It was cold and pouring rain, and windy, and the game had playoff implications. For Fan Appreciation Day the Cats had hanged a t-shirt on every single seat in the park. There was a memorable playoff and Speedy B broke the Montreal hearts. Montreal at Hamilton is a bona fide CFL classic.

Less so at McGill Stadium. When it was McManus versus Ham/Calvillo, and big Joe Montford versus Fort Neal, those were the best.

Abandon full interlocking sked and emphasize regional rivalries!

I have to agree with a lot of the posters on previous threads....Rod Black sounds like he is the charter President of the Johnny Manziel fan club , can TSN please either get him off the airways or tell him there are 23 other players on the field at the same is only pre-season and it is getting tiring listen to him, one, thing I am grateful for...he mainly calls the games in the east!!!

Manziel has completely dominated the news surrounding Hamilton and to some degree the CFL as well (by extension).

And we are wondering why the TSN commentator speaks at length about it on the air??

News is news, whether we like it or not.

The only starting players Hamilton sent were Mathews the RT, and Green the RB, and only because those two missed the chance to play in the first game. Preseason or not... Montreal is baaaaad!

30-15 Hamilton is the final score.

Montreal is baaaaad! right on so far T-cats are one step above them so far. But very close

Well CHCH, the local TV station in Hamilton, didn't carry highlights of the game on tonight's newscast,, 11:00pm newscast, and didn't even mention the game at all! So not everything is Johnny here, or even the TiCats for that matter around here!

Wow what on earth was going on in Hamilton sports today ?

Is there more teams in the city .

You would think there would be camp talk , rumours , interviews and hi=lites .

One good thing about local sports report is it’s local . You get to connect with the community with local amateur sports as well as pro .

You can always go to TSN or Sports Net for everything else .

Let them know Earl .

Yup! It's gonna be a long season for us...

Hank, I let them know via Twitter and cc'ed it to the TiCats. Just strange. Yes, if you go to the CHCH website the 6:00 pm newscast had highlights but nothing on the 11:00 pm highlights, you would think they could have fit something in with their coverage of Ovechkin's swimming around in some water celebrating the SC win and other things like the Belmont, Blue Jays etc.

Good stuff Earl ; Twitter is a great resource to have a voice .

If you want to see all the highlights and even replay the game why not just go on to the TSN site?
I get all my CFL news there or on 3Downnation or here now.
I would never wait around for sports coverage at a certain time on CH or Global or any other station.
If you go to CFL on TSN or 3 Down etc you get CFL ONLY news, otherwise you have to put up with all the other crap during sports coverages.

They didn't mention the Ti-Cats on our local news either...

;D ;D

I think it's more about the local station not covering anything about the Cats when they have been a local station for awhile and the Cats are the only pro team with University and Junior Hockey rounding out the mix with high school sports .

Did there license change they seem like a superstation now and not a Hamilton station ?

If my local Ottawa station failed to mention the game during the sports segment I would be perturbed as well .

The morning Ottawa CTV 2 weekly is filled with local info and supports the community . Use to be the Pembroke station with Valley slang and slant to the news .
Miss that small town homey Valley feel to it but it still makes you feel part of a broader Ottawa regional community .

Way off topic now but ......

Barker at half time kinda went long with Manziel comparison making his situation the same as Lawrence Phillips when he related their health issues .

That's a long way down to put Manziel in that category as it didn't end well for Phillips . Not so sure he is in Phillips situation as Manziel has way more support and is financially better off to get the better medical treatment .

I would feel insulted by it and I am not sure Barker expressed himself well enough for the resemblance remark .

Hamilton is weird for sure. CHCH is owned by a Toronto based company and who knows who does the programming with the newscasts from hour of the day and what their biases are.

Hey, sort of sad that CHCH isn't a true Hamilton owned company, but it is what it is. I guess that's why we always have to be on guard for bias in news reporting, usually we as ordinary citizens don't know what is going on behind the scenes unless you really follow the media schtick biz. Which I don't.

Ok, wiki mentions it's owned by a Toronto based company Channel Zero which I've never heard of until now that I looked this up. So who knows how all this works for local news in Hamilton controlled out of Toronto. :-\

Channel Zero is an independent Canadian media company that owns over-the-air channel
CHCH-TVand a bouquet of specialty channels includingRewind, Silver Screen Classics,
and Halla Bol Kids TV,

Seems weird CHCH would not have any Cats highlights on the 11PM news especially considering the weekend sports anchor is Justin Dunk - a CFL guy who writes for 3DownNation.

I didn't see the 11PM newscast last night but did watch at 6 - and the Cats led the sportscast on that news with a fair number of highlights of the game being the first story of the sports section of the 6:00PM newscast.

Exactly Pat that's why I'm thinking the 6:00 and 11:00 pm newscasts are programmed or whatever the word is by different individuals. Which is probably a normative type of thing with this type of media I'm sure at any rate. Who knows?