GDT: Ticats @ Als

Playing for pride!

YES Verm.

I HATE HATE HATE the phrase " meaningless game "

No such thing.

Pride , also game film to show who wants to come back.

Hamilton kinda running away with it early.

Can someone tell me why Hamilton had to use their challenge on that touchdown play, I thought all scoring plays were automatically reviewed. That doesn’t make sense that he had to use his challenge.

At which point do the Ticats consider putting in Collaros into this game?

Would be interesting to see what he can do in this new offensive scheme

Yeah, Collaros was a good CFL QB for a long time.

Rumours of his demise are premature, imo.

Why would they put Collaros in? He's made of glass, if he gets hurt they are stuck paying that monster contract next year and they aren't going to the post season so there is no purpose in spelling off Masoli.

Brandon Banks making it look easy today. Looks a lot like the 2014 Brandon Banks. Great to see

Going up against Tevon Campbell will do that.

The Ticats disagree & they just put him in.

I'm happy to see that Shiltz got some reps, should help him along he's pretty young still. Very interested to see which Als QB starts in Regina next week.

After seeing the "77" Grey Cup team honoured I'd go with either Wade or Barnes for next weeks game ;D.I can honestly say that the last time I saw a Montreal football team as embarrassingly bad as this one is this season they were called the Concordes . I mean that team looks so bad that I'd be willing to bet that the 1 - 17 "03" Ti-Cats could kick their asses without even breaking a sweat . Sad , sad , sad times in Montreal to say the least indeed :o.

If Collaros was made of glass he wouldn't have survived the first eight games when he was constantly sacked,hurried and hit! He can be mobile and is a more accurate passer IMO. Had Jones used him in the games against Toronto, Sask and even Calgary when JM struggled and couldn't keep the offense moving, Ticats might still be in the hunt for a playoff spot.

The play wasn't ruled a catch out of bounds so no TD call and therefore no automatic review. Maybe plays like that in the end zone should be reviewed automatically. Jones shouldn't have had to use his challenge there but fortunately really didn't need it the rest of the gamel

Totally agree. A lack of good OTs, inconsistent receivers and lack of running game could make any QB look bad.

He seems to have a good arm, accuracy and is mobile - in other words there's upside. He`ll only get better by playing in real game situations.

Same thing that happened to Dickenson, had to use challenge flag as Ref called no touchdown out of bounds on contact. Video Review overturned to touchdown. This is a serious ignorant problem, have to use and lose challenge flag to prove a touchdown.

tabbiefanmcb Quoted on the comment earlier however

Wow, what a game for the Cats. At least they showed that the Als are most definitely the worst team in the league, a loss today for that Cats would have been abysmal. Something to build on Cats for next season.

Als, not a clue what they can build on to be honest. They should have kept Bridge.

Pretty sure Collaros ends up in BC next season - vying for the #1 job w/ current guy Jon Jenkins. Lulay will end up either head coaching or OC, Khari Jones will be unemployed (may return to Winnipeg if Paul LaPolice takes the BC HC job). Collaros won't get $550k+ in Vancouver - more like $200 to $225k if he wants to backup Jennings.

Durant should still be a viable CFL vagrant next season - either for a vastly reduced sum in Montreal - or as Masoli's backup in Hamilton (but histag has to be drastically chopped)

As for Eddy Haskell, Jr. (Drew Willy) he's about the most immobile QB in the league now, he's shell-shocked and he needs money. (perhaps 3rd stringer in Ottawa is hisfinal destination)

I was really high on Durant at the beginning of the year but I'm not so sure how he can fit in now with the Als. Don't know. Durant as a backup to Masoli might work. And yes, Zach is outta Hamilton no question.