GDT: Stamps @ Riders

Anyone left in the stadium - sure is quiet all of a sudden.

Not much of a classic, but two very good defenses. Funny how many points were scored when you look at the stat sheets and see neither team had over 250 yards of offense on the night.

Ya you take away the two big plays (int and punt return) and the score would have reflected a defensive battle.

I suppose. Even if you just take away the points off turnovers and I think it was 20-13 or something like that.

McAdoo might be looking for work soon, 33,000 fans know what play is coming, ultra conservative, easily predictable play calling. Playing not to make mistakes, not to win football games.

Yeah, and if you "take away" all the points, it would have been a scoreless tie.

So what?

...I think his point was there was a good degree of points that were not the defence’s fault, remove those points and the game reflects a strong defensive narrative...

The comment was in response to him being surprised about the score. Of course you aren't going to take those plays away but it was a good defensive game despite 50+ points given up.

I know.

It's just funny when people point out that if you "take away" all the winning team's big plays, then the outcome would have been better for the losing team.

Yeah, obviously. That's how sports work. But they failed to take away all the winning team's big plays. So that's why the game ended the way that it did.

Coaches and players do this a lot in their press conferences. So it is no wonder that fans follow suit.

Except that wasn't my point at all...

Have a good one

I'm getting soooo sick of the stamps. Enough already!

…heh heh heh, it’s awesome…

In honour of the game, I think RedAndWhite and greenandwhite should duke it out. 8) way, greenandwhite is a good guy...

Oh, I was just... horsing around.

Saw this on CFL Reddit... as a Cats fan who watched the Calgary Saskatchewan game (particularly the first quarter), this summarized my thoughts and made me laugh.

Can’t seem to get the image to post (wrong format and can’t change it on my iPhone), but here’s the Reddit link so maybe that’ll work.


I know where you're going with it, and I can be guilty of that sometimes. Calgary still wins the game though, so the outcome isn't much different.

Will the Riders keep this game closer than the last?

...both teams coming off really long rests, but I say yes, a close game for today...FG difference at the end...