GDT: Stamps @ Riders

Big road test for the Stampeders.

I'll put up a modest $.8 that the Riders astonish everybody! Eight, cents.

Can we have 1 game this weekend that isn't a dud?

Your 8 cents looking like a penny 'bout now!

But never be worried - Hufnagel teams always step off the gas pedal after assembling 25 pt. leads.

I fully expect Chris Jones & Co. to crawl their way back into this one - maybe losing by 15 to 17 in the end . . . .

Just to create hope for the next "MUST WIN"

...sask gets a TD, doesn’t affect the stamps defensive stats...they’re magical...

I totally loved the Edmonton game :slight_smile:

This game is getting better. :slight_smile:

Score with the most recent FG by the greenies is 24 - 16. Time for the horses to start galloping again like they did in the first quarter.

Calgary players better put more "stickem" on their hands to hang on to the ball - although technically speaking it was under his arm. Need to put the pedal to the metal here

Stamps definitely have trouble sustaining big to humungous leads. Riders should be able to bury them - but who the heck knows - Riders have their share of totally undisciplined mopes on their squad - and Chris Jones is known to go mentally berserk when things tighten!

OK, good penalty-aided response by Bo & Co. First score since building their 24-0 firewall in 1st quarter.

Now they can go back to easing off the pedal . . .

Did someone put butter on the ball tonight?

...I get the idea of putting your d on the field to win the game but a couple first downs wouldn’t hurt Bo...

I will give a dollar to any poster who can stop the penalties.

Stupid play. :frowning:

Sure having problems hanging on to the ball. And not much scoring going on here. Horses always seem to find a way to win - somehow.

I guess NO ONE wanted my dollar. :frowning:

Is it too much to ask to fall on the ball?

Penalties seem to have slowed down a bit this drive. Horses turn the ball over again - lost count of the turnovers here - or maybe just haven't been paying enough attention.

Then again an incomplete pass looks like the more likely call - but doesn't please the home crowd.

Last one is overturned. Too bad. Game is over. :frowning:

Calgary is just too good.