GDT: Stamps @ Riders

This is another preview of a three-game regular season series.

The also play in Regina weeks seven and ten, with the lone game in Calgary week 19.

Will the Stamps get stomped? Or will they buck the Riders?

depends on who has the best looking cheerleaders

Definitely the Outriders.

Hands down.

Stamps cheerleaders won’t be there Friday.

...wonder if there will be an Eric Rogers - Duron Carter matchup...

Might have to roll with the Riders then.

The cheerleaders far outperformed the Riders and the officials and the coaches tonite.

Horrible showing by the Riders.

Oh boy,,, blaming the officials already?

Youre not reading my entire post. My concern on the officiating was safety-based only. They missed some calls that easily could have been seriously injuries. And they were right there.

If an official cannot keep the players safe they shouldn't officiate.

yup. There were misses both ways…but the really bad safety related misses were concerning.

I am hearing Bonds has been cut by the Riders. Looks like the move from guard with the Bombers to tackle with the riders was suspect. Also, there are rumblings about Zach possibly having a concussion which would open the door for Bridge to start the first game.

He never lined up at tackle in camp. Jones said well before camp that they would be working him as OG and that they were likely playing 3 internationals on the OL.

Collaros never got a concussion, or at least he passed protocol both during the game and immediately after (fact). If he was concussed, it was not detected until the next day. The concussion discussion that was that you heard likely centered around one he received a couple of years back and if he was more susceptible after a big head shot.

The discussion on Bridge starting is Jones looking to start a mobile QB until the OL proves itself and was made immediately after the game.

The Bond move, to me, is all about ratio and nothing to do with performance. That said…this one was one of the more debated ones by coaches. Some felt harrison showed better…i disagreed but Harrison also repped at tackle (fact). Bond has had a strong camp, and if anyone can fit in an import OG he would be a solid addition. They finally seen the light that Messam could not be an every down back and the nationals they hoped could back him up were not good enough…then with Jake out for the year and knowing it was time to move on from Bagg they realized they had to go another direction. They are fully capable of starting 4, and actually 5 if needed, on D, but only want to commit to 3. There is a good chance Bladek is starting at some point on the OL.

Admittedly I didn't watch the second game or go to camp but Jones made a very good point. Bond makes a boat load of money (by CFL standards) and by the sounds of it was basically even with Harrison. If they can find a guy who looks to be able to start and play well freeing cap will only help the team in the long run.

Bond did not make a boatload of money. No...not base...but not an outstanding amount.

At OG Bond > than Harrison...but Harrison was "ok" at OT.

Yes, Harrison is cheaper, but Bond was not breaking the bank.