GDT: Stamps @ Orbs

I don't consider just shortening a team's name to be a nickname, or very clever.

(I forgot about Tabbies for the Tiger-Cats btw.)

But yes, best to be discussed in its own thread, not a game thread.

I like OTTRBs (otterbees is my pronounciation!) :smiley:

Sorry posted that before I read through the whole thread determining that it's a discussion for a separate thread so that's all I'll say but that's how I'll be referring to them. I've been using it since they arrived in the league!

And they're off! :slight_smile:
We'll see if the red/whites can be successful against the red/blacks. Receivers and BLM not in sync here.

Glad that BLM finally got his rear in gear as I put him on my fantasy team this week, horses gallop to the end zone first

Over the last 10 to 12 CFL seasons - Stampeders easily the best and most efficient organization.

Just don't make as many mistakes as other teams.

Also, more successful plays, more often to extend drives.

ie. runs of 4 yds or more
pass completions of 7 yds or more

Solid kicking and coverage game

Best coaching/management combo in the league

Nobody really that close.

Only problem for Stamps is they're so good they set themselves up for the fall in the playoffs - when another team gradually powers up to surpass the mighty stamps!!!

Rotten Roddy (Rod Black) infuriated that another week goes by and he gets 1 game (Max) w/ the Good Rod doing tonite's affair from Ottawa (Rod Smith makes Duane Forde a much better color man cuz he doesn't ramble as much as Black)

Are TSN tall foreheads getting their minds together - finally realizing how much a blight on TV broadcasts Rod Black is?

If so, good on 'em! Its about time!!!

No first downs yet for RedBlacks .

And the fans are NOT happy about it! >:( >:( At least the OTTRB D is getting BLM and co. off the field before they can do any damage this time.

Not the most enthralling game thus far. Heard a comment earlier when I was listening to something about Thursday night games not being very well played - or at least very entertaining so far.

Nothing like being generous to your guests and "gifting" them with the ball - although that one was on the receiver - not Harris. ::slight_smile:

Meanwhile things are heating up on the field - as if it wasn't warm enough there already! :wink:

Is Hughie's little boy (Ricky 'The Dragon' Campbell) starting to lose control of his team?

I expected much more from the RBs tonite - maybe not toppling the top-shelf stamps but keeping the thing close well into the 4th quarter . . . . .

They are definitely stumbling out there - 2 picks and no first downs yet. (Just got one). They don't seem to be able to handle the horses defense.

The Ticats looked better against the horses IN Calgary in week one.

The horses seem determined NOT to lose or even tie this game.

It'll be back to the drawing board at half time for Campbell and pals trying to kick start the offense.

Turnover #3 - OTTRBs are being very generous to their guests tonight. :wink: ::slight_smile:

Losing ToP and turnover battle is a sure fire recipe for losing the game.

Of course we'll see if BLM returns after half time. Arbuckle not looking too shabby but still very inexperienced

Stamps should be up minimum 20-0 even with Fatty Arbuckle at the helm for temporarily injured Little Bo Peep - however, Arbuckle is fairly useless - could easily see the RBs resurge in 2nd half and steal the game. Calgary without Bo is really a different team - far different!!!

how bad is BO...had to go pick up my daughter.

I am tired of seeing cal at the top so much but I don't want them to go down because of Major injury to star players. are those ideas for a REDBLACKS nickname coming along?...

...he jogged off to the dressing room with two minutes left, but who knows...

Harris BOOED off the field, Terrible of the fans. >:( :-[ :-[

Even Harris got the hook in favour of Davis - but that may be temporary just to finish out the half.
I expect that Bo will be back - at least until the game is WELL out of reach (if it isn't already. 17 (or is it 20?) point lead isn't insurmountable in the CFL IF the OTTRBs can get back into the game.

Expect a fine for whoever hit BLM - Big Teddy was flagged for a late hit on Bridge last week that was very similar - and also fined.

Yeah - got to support your team - even if they look bad - especially against the horses.

Harris finally able to move the ball here early in the 3rd

Blatant facemask on kick return, thanks Foxcroft. The only reason you are a referee is that your father invented the "pealess" whistle!!!!!