GDT: Stamps @ Orbs

The Stamps are coming off a a bye, but have to play on the road.

These two teams have tied once in each of the last two seasons.



I think he was thinking this was the greycup....AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

Yeah I haven't been too successful in getting it to stick.

They need a nickname. Every other Cfl team has one.

I see what you're trying to do, but I don't think it's necessary.

What are the nicknames of the other CFL teams?

Blue Bombers...?
Lions...Leos? (Which is a stupid nickname because we aren't talking African lions here.)

Years past on one BC Logo (early 60's) is that of a female lion.

what are we talking?

I used to think that the B.C. logo was that of a female lion.
I was corrected that it is the image of a mountain lion (cougar), which IS native to British Columbia, and therefore makes sense as their name and logo (and why Leo is not an appropriate nickname since that is usually associated with African lions).

Blue Bombers...Big Blue
Roughriders...Green and White, Jolly Green Giants (Pat Marsden called 'em that)
Eskimos...Eskies, Double E
Stampeders...Stamps, Horsemen
Lions...Leos? Yes. Refers to the traditional symbol for Britain. I don't buy the mountain lion explanation. That makes no sense given that it's BRITISH Columbia and the team was named for "The Lions" a pair of mountain peaks.

learn something new every day :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia...

During the rest of 1953, a fan contest was held by all of the local media to pick the team's new name. The nickname was chosen because it represented a local landmark and legend of the area. The nickname of the team was based onthe Lions, twin mountain peaks that can be seen toward the north of Vancouver. The twin mountain peaks name was based on legend that the mountains looked like two lions guarding the city. Through this landmark and legend, the "Lions" nickname became the winner in the fan contest to become the new name of the franchise.
After the fan contest, the Vancouver label was revealed to not be part of the team name. Though the franchise was based in Vancouver and the "Lions" name was based on a local landmark and legend, Stukus decided to reject the idea of naming the team as the Vancouver Lions. Instead, he decided that the team should represent and embrace the entire province of British Columbia. In the end, Stukus introduced the team to the entire Canadian football world as the BC Lions.
The mountain lion has a strong connection to the name of the team, as it appears in the BC Lions' logo. The mountain lion (or cougar) had an influence on the name of the team because it is renowned for its speed, courage and strength and is carefully respected by British Columbia's citizens as a remarkable but dangerous predator. The new team also adopted the black and orange colours of the Meralomas.

Also from Wikipedia regarding "Melanomas"...
Meraloma Club(nicknamedthe Lomas) is a Canadianrugby unionteam based inVancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 1923, The Meraloma Club originated as a swim club before branching out with an array of other sports including rugby. The rugby club currently competes in theBritish Columbia Premier Rugby League.

I had no knowledge of any of this.
Interesting stuff!


My text should be "Meralomas", not "Melanomas". :-[

If "Leos" is inappropriate because it's not based on an African lion why is the mascot called "Leo the Lion"?

so, since the Lions were named after mountain peaks (which they were)which could be said to be named after African lions, then it is valid to refer to them as Leos. :slight_smile:

No worries. We know what you meant. :slight_smile:

I had heard the story of the peaks before, but it was very interesting to read the full explanation.

Right! You said it better than I did.

Argos, Ticats, Als, Riders, Bombers, Leos, Stamps, and Esks or Eskies.

Ottawa had the Riders and then the Gades, but nothing for this new team. If ORBs is too far out in the weeds, fine. But they can't be the only team that doesn't have a shorthand version of their name.


I dunno. Good off season thread, perhaps.

...the Arby’s...

Interesting stat: Bo-Levi Mitchell could become the fastest player in CFL history to the 60 win mark with a victory tonight over Ottawa at TD Place - his 71st start. Current record holder is Kenny Ploen (Winnipeg) picked up his 60th win in start no. 78 on September 28th 1963 with a 38-30 win at Edmonton.

Kenny won 4 of his 6 Grey Cups though.