GDT: Stamps @ Esks

The battle of Alberta continues on into this week, with a third game between Calgary and Edmonton.

The Stampeders beat The Eskimos on Labour Day. Then, they beat them again in the rematch, the following week. Heck, they even beat them in the Preseason.

Can the Esks steal one, from a clinched Calgary squad?

Are they going to bump into each other once again, in the Playoffs?

Can't see Stamps dropping two in a row, so my money is on Calgary learning some things about mental prep to seal the win.

Despite their Alberta rivalry -there has been no BLM twitter taunting this week.

Agree - I don't see Calgary losing 2 in a row - even if they re on the road - but you never know!

Nothing like eating humble pie to shut the pie hole.

That beat down was the best thing to happen to the Stamps.

Brought them down to earth and refocused.

If the Riders and Stamps face off in the WF, the result will be reversed.

I promise that.

Lets see, WPG lost today, if the Esks win today and beat SASK next week, and if WPG looses next week to Calgary, that means the ESKS could end up in 2nd place with a home date for the playoff game, is this correct?


yep, they just mentioned the possiblilty of the ESKS hosting the playoff game on TV just now, another home game in EDM would be nice!

what a stupid 3rd down play

Guess Maas hasn't noticed from the Hamilton games that going shotgun for short yardage isn't a good idea - even with a RB like CJ ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

i suppose if you have an O-line that can open a hole, its a good play, SOME OF THE TIME and still rarely at that

C'mon Stamps, let's get going.

YR killing me.

"Video guy wouldn't get it wrong". Too funny! 8)

Good job Eskies to get a td after the video guy "got it wrong".

Yup - especially after they gifted the BBs with a TD on that punt block earlier today - not that they might not have scored even if if had been called back!

Stamps not looking so mighty again tonight - although it's only a 2 point game - but they don't seem to be looking good on offense especially.

But how much beating can Reilly take? Oh man, he takes a lot back there.

Sick juggler with those knives! Holy Batman!

Reilly seems to be a "glutton for punishment" as the saying goes but as mentioned at half time (not paying enough attention to know who said it) that could well shorten his career. Buck Pierce comes to mind as a QB who took a lot of punishment and didn't play for long - but then he had more time lost to injury too.

Stamps look like they left their horses at home. Last week at home, I guess they forgot to let them out of the barn! Is it even possible that the "mighty" Stamps lose TWO games in a row!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o

It may be time to sit #20 Adams if they can he is playing way too soft ,his tackling is horrible and calgary is consistently going to their right side because

how many posts do you need b4 you get off the practice squad?

Oh boy! iffy challenge if you ask me!

Buck Pierce's career would have been even shorter if he played to avoid injury. Buck was atrocious at reading defenses (still is) and only by taking off like a gazelle did he manage to carve out a minor career as a CFL QB w/ no real accomplishments.

Khari Jones was mentioned by Stegall as a guy who eventually got totalled cuz he held onto the ball til the last possible moment and got creamed.

Dunigan took a massive amount of whoppers, thus ending his career with concussions before there was protocol.

Kevin Glenn has taken a ton of hits during his 16 or 17 yr career but he's short and compact - lots of the hits were bumps rather than knee or head-kills.

Other QBs who ended their CFL careers prematurely - most due to wear 'n tear. . . . . Ken Ploen, Joe Zuger, Russ Jackson, Ron Lancaster, Tom Burgess. . . . . some of these guys hall-of-famers to be sure!

Bowman is an enigma, he has problems catching a ball that is in his hands and at the same time makes a shoestring catch like he does it all day

That would be Johnny Adams?? Can't say he impressed me much as a Ticat last season - when he wasn't injured! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: Had the occasional good play but not enough of them.