GDT: Stamps @ Bombers

May I ask you for a favour Lyle?

Would you please, for at least a week or so, park this habit of making up your own silly nicknames.


Tons of folks having depth perception problems in the Red River fog.

Ricky Foggie dropped a sure pick and handed Calgary 3 pts before the 1/2 ended.

Chris Matthews just dropped a first down toss.

But Nichols has obviously rolled back into slump mode. Not a good idea if you can’t grab at least one TD in first 3 quarters of play - against anyone!

Thought I heard O’Shea already yapping about next week being a must game vs. Edmonton. Has Mike given up the ghost? Heck, there’s still 20+ minutes left in this hobo-fest… .

Either that or he can’t see through the gathering fog. :wink:

Well he must have found a quick fix for the depth perception at halftime since he just nailed hat long pass to Adams for the resulting TD. BBs can take a one point lead with the convert

Yup. They must have slipped him some correctove lenses! Nice TD

…nice stops there, nail biter of a third down …

BLM fortunately - or unfortunately depending on the colour of your “stripes” is usually able to respond quickly. Bomber D is able to stop the goal line score but not the quick toss to Ambles on the third try.
0/2 on their “favoured” 2 pt converts tonight though.

Can’t believe Ricky Fogg (#3) was playing off the calgary WR Ambles on that 3rd & 1 - what was he afraid of? Givin’ up extra yds in the end zone?

Don’t think Demski #10 is cut out to be a kick returner

…that was a well executed TD

…comedy of errors

Nichols with a quick reply of his own there! Think they should both give up on the 2 pointers though. I’m sure Medlock can see well enough through the fog to kick the single point.

This game seems to have changed for a defensive battle to a “shoot out”!

And another reply by the home team!

Not much fun when you’re on the losing side though. But then the BBs are playing to make it in to the post season while Calgary already has a playoff berth.
Rider fans and EE fans must both be having nightmares and biting their nails!

Calgary is really bad at keeping a lead.

Hope Calgary wins to make next week’s games more interesting.

As far as cross overs…

Between Edmonton, Winnipeg and B.C., Winnipeg would draw the best in Hamilton.

…wasn’t a slight against the BBs, it only applied to the penalty-penalty-fumble sequence my team puked up…the Bombers are fully in this and hungry, as they should be…

But I did hear today that BC would be the more favourable match up for Hamilton.

So the BBs have a distinct advantage playing in the fog - from previous GC experience!! :wink: :wink: ;D ;D

Not able to find the end zone again - except off the foot of Medlock.

…I was thinking of that game, didn’t realize the bombers were in it…

…man, scrap the press box camera and stay with the low level coverage…way clearer…

Agreed. Feel like I am living in the 40s and listening on the radio.