GDT: Stamps @ Bombers

Calgary can clinch first place with a win.

Winnipeg can clinch a playoff spot if they win.

The Stampeders won by 13 in Alberta, back in August.

Two game threads started up - Go Calgary Go

Interesting fact, Bo Levi has never lost in Winnipeg in his career.

That could very well change tonight :frowning: I hope not, but we are in tough right now.

…streaks have a habit of ending at the least opportune time…

Over 50 yrs watching good 'ol CFL and I’ve never seen a QB with the pocket presence of B.L. Mitchell - OK, I’ll concede Doug Flutie - but Flutie was a tremendous scrambler who could make mincemeat outta scum pie; Mitchell likes to change delivery points while continuing to work thru his progressions, buying valuable time by leaving d-linemen and linebackers gassed 'n wasted.

Should be able to do same vs. Bombers. Bombers have mostly simple-simon type d-linemen who make tackles when it falls into their laps; Bighill is a monster but Mitchell has the tools to both sense and elude Biggy, too!

If Mitchell avoids sacks and gasses our d-7 he should be able to maintain a semblance of ball control that allows the Stamps to escape IGF with a narrow (2 to 4) to moderate (8 to 11) point victory! No offense to Bombers, just the Stampeders have far better personnel & depth all around - top star QB and a far better head coach, better DC, too!

Tracy Ham was closest to Mitchell in pocket presence and could scamper like a trapped mouse. Just didn’t have the pipes to hit long WRs that Mitchell has.
JC Watts had some juice. So did Little General before he plumped up. Manziel has a lot of scramble in him but looses his mind while he’s running and can’t consistently find open receivers when he’s running.

Reilly has a slightly better arm than Mitchell and racks up far greater rushing yds than his Alberta counterpart - cuz he’s willing to get racked up downfield. Mitchell isn’t.

Our greatest rushing QB (by yds gained) is obviously Damon Allen. He wasn’t a classic pocket passer but tried to be. Pretty good at sensing panting d-linemen hunting him down - when he kicked it into 2nd gear he was like a gazelle, just out-running guys to no end. Really good passer, too but I always felt he could have been better - only assembled his legacy records from playing into his 40s.

Durant was an underrated scrambler - the Evander Holyfield doppleganger was a physical specimen who bigger men couldn’t bring down without assistance. Decent scrambler - always conscious of getting hurt so his numbers may have diminished.

…don’t get many balls chucked at you that close number three…

What is the attendance at Winnipeg? Lookin kinda sparse from my vantage point.

Can’t decide who’s got less brains - Mike O’Stubborn for opting to return kicks after FGs with a negligible return unit - or Bubbles Demski for deciding to cross the grain and barf up the piggy on one of his great 4 yard kick return gallops?

O’Shea obviously not in his right mind tonite - uttering F-bombs like there’s no tomorrow. Thought he knew he was miked. Guess he doesn’t care - about the f-bombs - about his team - about his fans!

They’ll announce 25,000+, lots of no-shows on prepaid ducats plus bombers gave away at least a 1,000 tickets worth of wall-paper.

…lot of legal pot getting blazed there…

I think the Nicolai Demski era is over in Winnipeg. Guy is getting progressively worse - doesn’t show the speed he’s supposed to have (fear of getting whapped/buzzed when going full tilt will do that to a cowardly man) plus possession skills and evasiveness not quite the same when he was out-running fatty arbuckle engineering students from Univ. of Saskatchewan, etc. And if O’Shea starts ragging on you - then you know your time is up

Guess Wad Miller reeled in a new sponsor - Tokyo Joe’s - or perhaps TWEED

…couple of serious overthrows

…haha, take a sharpie and put an X thru that play Dave

…Bomber D is playing well, this is a good game so far

I thought it was strange that the BBs opted to take a kick off after the FG too. There’s having faith in your return unit - and then there’s being smart about FP.

Took the BB D on my fantasy team and picked them to win. Hope that it pays off. Expect this to be more of a defensive battle than a high - scoring game.

Aside from Nichols overthrowing his receivers - TWICE - in the end zone! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I think Nichols needs eyeglasses to help him with his apparent depth perception problem.