GDT Stamps @ Bombers

So far the Bombers are outplaying the Stamps.

Bombers look like the better team. Bad luck and shooting their feet.

Stamps 6 attempts from the 1 yrd line to get in. :roll: :roll:

Follow it up with a classy # 88 Jordan celebration . ( sarcasm ) :thdn:

I am starting to see why the rest of the CFL fan bases hate us so much.

But somehow the horses will find a way to get a win they might not really earn.

The BOast-Master General (Mitchell) has asserted control of the game.

Stamps should cruise home - bombers will no doubt rack up some points in garbage time as The Egg Man, Matt Nichols barfing up his worst performance in a bomber uni.

Took the horses a while but they did indeed get galloping in the third.

Bombers trying to make something happen here but probably to little too late. And that third down gamble didn't work :oops:

Can't win when you keep turning the ball over - although admittedly a couple of those were turnovers on downs.

Bombers have been playing against two teams tonight...the Stamps and themselves. And Nichols has been freakin brutal ...he overthrows another receiver tonight and I'm going to pass out!

I do not think there is any team in the CFL that makes better half time adjustments.

Stamps were 2 different teams tonight.

Bombers ran out of gas.

Went to the game, some random comments:

Wade Miller owes me two free tickets, the hot new bus service, delivered by the City of Winnipeg transit services, was a circle jerk. When The Wad ran his mouth this week with "better bus service or you get a free ticket", he didn't count on the unionized City transit workers ability to do whatever the pooch they want. And, Wad, they did.

Jerome Messam is a load. He's also an asshat. The crotch grab in coach O's face was the most objectionable conduct I've witnessed in the CFL, ever. No call with two side judges staring at the grab. I can only assume the two officials were overwhelmed with the size of the crotch....

Crowd looked large. I was there on papered tickets. so was everyone around us. Bombers have figured it out, you can give away tickets to a young crowd because they buy the ten buck twelve ounce drafts!!

BLM is going to get KO'd this year.

Messam will finish the season on the six.

Both have embarrassed too many proud athletes, both have targets on them.

DD is a great coach, half time time adjustments, didn't recognize the 3rd quarter Stamps!!

Stamps can be beat, Bombers beat themselves.

50/50 was 135k.

Good report son.

Could u elaborate on how Transit Tomko caused delays? Wad will consider sending out a few hundred 'fun' tickets - cuz as u say there were already 1000s of mopes at the game on FREE PAPER - so the next game doesn't mean much - there's prolly 11,000 to 12,000+ pieces of inventory sitting on Wad's desk fort.

As for The Big Mess giving the bad signal to O'Stoic. Well, O'Stoic might wanna take a few more doses of smelling salts - he was totally disengaged from last nite's game. Should also ditch those gawdawful Bermuda shorts - and donate them to Wpg Harvest - as skunk food!

2017 Bombers pretty much incapable of working a full 60 minutes. Maybe O'Shea should give them Monday, Tues. & Wednesday off, hoping they don't run outta gas vs. Trestman's mediocre men.

Free Press headline shoulda read - "TOO MANY HOBOS" :cowboy:

Just finished watching the game. Bombers were beat by a much better team but they were in it. Too many mistakes for the Bombers. Not sure about the overturned PI call agains't the Bombers, looked inside of 5 yards where chucking is fine, but that's the way it goes.

Stamps will be in the Grey Cup again this year I'd say.

Crowd looked large. I was there on papered tickets. so was everyone around us. [b]Bombers have figured it out, you can give away tickets to a young crowd because they buy the ten buck twelve ounce drafts!![/b]
Interesting and makes a lot of sense to me. :thup:

Stamps will be tested by JJ & The Lions in '17 with Mike Reilly's 1-man Esky show making noise. Bombers best-advised to go after the crossover spot - where the only legit CFL team is Ottawa. 8-10 or 9-9 should do it - but I'm on record the bombers will be anywhere from 5 to 9 wins. After what I witnessed last nite - 5 to 7 is more like it!

I was not aware Messam did that.

He really is a classless jerk.

Last year after the Cup, he was being interview and was chewing gum as loud as he could.

I thought , try to act like an adult with brains or just decline the interview.

I am stilled pissed off after 88 did that TD celebration.

6 trys and " we got in, na na na na na na "

Thanks BTW, to the Bomber defender that lined up off side.

Josh Bell is another clown I could live with out.

Gotta say, there are a few guys on this team that do rub me the wrong way.

I would like to respect DD's team. I've met some fine fans over at Stamp Fans site, but the success is getting to them. Way too many mediocre's with classless celebrations on minor events.
I sensed more than a little animosity brewing. At this level, piss a guy off and he can mess you up.

If Messam and BLM go the season without a stretch on the six I'll be very surprised.

Solly will be my bet to do it. you're predicting, daresay hoping for, a cheap shot to take a stamps player out...and you call them classless....

...the epitome of sour grapes: "my team got straight out beat by a better team who celebrated the win, I hope those winning guys get injured"...

No, I am observing that late game classless acts in a full contact sport are not good investments in future health.
Stamps are a better team, they should act that way.
Messam's crotch grab was way out order. I'd have the same comment if a Bomber pulled that stunt.
He's a large, talented jerk. Two out three will work, for a while.

If the CFL has banned the throat slash , and will give 15 yards for taunting and excessive celebrating, they need to get this outlawed.

Players need to understand, they are representing both the franchise and the city.

This shames me.

I offer my apology to every Bomber fan that had the displeasure of witnessing that classless act.