GDT: Stamps @ Bombers (Trial by Playoff)

Certainly a playoff type game for the bombers, riding the heels of an impressive 4-game winning streak.

Bad news - BL Mitchell needs to secure a tie or win for his stamps to insure a bye into the western final and a home game, as BC can still nip the Stamps at the wire.

Other bad news - BL Mitchell isn’t as big as Mike Reilly, doesn’t throw as big a ball as Mighty Mike and seldom runs with Reilly’s reckless abandon


within the pocket he’s an elusive little bugger, ain’t he? Bombers are glad to get Jackerson Jeffcoat back at DE, he’s a gooder but its gonna be interesting to see who the bombers drop to get Jeffcoat back into the lineup.

In any event Mitchell is a really good ball-protecting QB and he’s better than Reilly in terms of changing the pocket, slithering off potential tacklers and leaving guys gassed in his wake. That extra time is enough to open up 3rd and 4th reads - which could end up killing our secondary for 300+ passing yds.

The other mis-match is at head coach. Can’t compare Dave Dick to O’Shea - YET, maybe ever!

Also, Claybrooks is a good match for the high IQ bomber OC, Paul LaPolice, affectionatly referred to as PLOP.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Bombers go down hard to the Stamps and immediately start talking the brave talk for next week’s ultimate showdown vs. the esks.

P.S. Bombers are 3.5 pt favorites owing to their 4 game win streak, home field advantage and Cowboys being in a temporary funk. Bombers have never beaten the Stamps at IGF field - EVER!

……Welllll….maybe we’re due…On the other hand you can never under estimate the stamps…They are playing for big stakes as well and are running out of games …Jeffcoat returning to the line-up is a biggie and with the way ‘Biggie’ is playing I like our chances… :wink: