GDT Stamps At Ti-Cats

What a puzzle this is.

As banged up as the Cats are, the Stamps have their own out.

Messem, Hughes, Peredes, Federkil ( sorry if I misspelled a Stamp name. )

A Stamp loss will not hurt them.

A Cat win is crucial. First place for them will come down to that back to back tilt with the RB's.

However, a Cat win will go along way for their confidence . They need to know they can dance with the big boys from the West.

Here is the big question.

What frame of mind and emotion will the Stamps be in. ?
Here in Calgary, they are saying the right things.
It is one thing to say we are focused, but what goes on in the heart and the mind is another thing.

Who is the QB, # 4 for the Cats ?

Did Ken Hobart come out of retirement ?

OK, for you long term Cats fans who remember Ken Hobart , notice how much he looks like Zach ?

They look like could be brothers.

It will also be interesting to see how things work out with Kent Austin sitting in the booth.

I hope this helps him to be focused in the future.

I get how frustration kicks in, but he needs to get that temper in check.

The Hamilton football club does need Kent Austin to pay attention on the sideline for sure.

Yes, that's my concern - - that Calgary doesn't need this game and will just coast through it. Kinda like how they did in the 2ndH last week.

I'm hopeful that Dickenson will be all over them because of that near collapse against the lowly Bombers and challenge them to make a statement against one of the league's best QBs.

It's tough for a Western team to come east for back to back games and sweep so if they can beat the TiCats, Calgary could have a letdown next week in Toronto.

You still here? I told the mods that my behaviour will stop the second you are gone, can you say the same? I see you there down in the corner. Muawhaahhhhhhaaa

[i]Well, since Shovelface will be in the booth, there is 0% chance that he bumps a player, hits a ref, punches a cheerleader in the face, kicks an opposing player in the nuts...

He might demolish the walls of the booth and smash his headset. Progress for an angry man! :roll: [/i]

By "out", I take it you mean "starting the game"? (i.e. all of the above except Federkeil)

I predict an end to the Stamps win streak today. Injuries combined with an uncharacteristic sub-par performance from Mitchell,and for Mitchell that doesn't mean picks and low completion percentage just settling for field goals in many situations, the Cats will win a bit of a shootout 35-30.

Another sellout crowd will help the Cats as well.

The Last Word

Can anyone share a good link to watch the game online?

Do you have a cable package that has TSN, if you do you can watch the live streaming

no sir, im one of the canadians that cant watch my national league because i'd have to pay a premium for it. if only they showed football on CTV

the search for a stream is over however.
this isnt the prettiest, but if anyone needs it

search for the US hockey feed at 16:00

Welcome to the club.

Sweet Leaf victory, 36-17 Calgary final

Well, so much for my prediction. The Stamps crushed the Ticats today. Collaros was injured of course but I get the sense that the Stamps were in complete control even when he left the game with an injury.

What happened to Collaros?

Didn't see much, other than the last couple minutes!

Some folks have to work!!!

btw - Don't think Collaros looks like Hobart - more like Beaver Cleaver of Leave it to Beaver fame! :cowboy:

Even with a healthy Collaros, Hamilton is a shadow of what they were three or four years ago.

Looks like Austin blew his chance at a ring with the TiCats.

Clean hit as he was throwing the ball. Listed as an "upper body injury". Hope he's back next game. As long as he doesn't end up on our every-expending six-game injury list. I don't think I've ever seen a team with so many players on that list. And most of those are starters. Perhaps it's time to fire our training staff.

Funny how no one is talking about Collaros, the best QB in the league, these days, are they? I thought a half-season in 2015 and a hot start this year were enough to GUARANTEE him a permanent spot at the top of the pack...

Or just get tougher players who'll play through injury.