GDT Stamps At Argos

This game will be a struggle for the Stamps.

To not be over confident and get sloppy.

For the Argo fans at the game, I hope it does not get to ugly.

Not looking like too much of a struggle for the horses yet! Still early - time remaining in the first - but they just forced a turnover on downs AND got a FG from it to go along with the TD (2 pt conversion of course) that they already had.

So much for this not getting ugly. :roll:

As A Stamps fan , I just can not take any pleasure in this.

This is men vs boys.

TSN, please show the Argos dancers doing some routines.

That would more entertaining.

What is it that Scotty M said ? " we just got better " after dumping 3 stars.

Sorry Argo fans , this should not be going down like this.

BTW, this drops the Argos from the play-offs. Well almost .

The only question left in this game is whether or not the Stamps will hang 70 on the Argos this game.

Those Argo roster moves are really paying off :lol:

Why would anyone in Toronto pay money to witness this drek- oh wait nobody is

Why is Willy still in the game when the Argos are down by 32?

Why is Willy even STARTING this game?? :roll: :roll: Ray - if healthy (and I don't know if he is 100% yet) would likely have more success due to his experience in the system and as a QB. I'm not saying that they'd win - probably not - but it might be more competitive.

...fixed it for ya...but seriously, give Buckley some reps...

Malcolm Kelly ?@sportsnag 2m2 minutes ago
Today's attendance is 14,224. They are unhappy. Unhappy fans are a bad thing for a franchise.

Seems like more, I saw a lot of Calgary fans dressed in Red and White,
Oh wait, those were empty seats!

It's still the 3rd quarter. How else is Bo going to pad his stats for the MOP award?? Anyway the last time they pulled BLM (in Hamilton I believe) Tate got the reps, not Buckley.

Calgary has nothing to gain by playing Bo in the 4th quarter, and everything to lose. Hopefully we'll see Buckley or Tate.

It's Thanksgiving Monday - "fans" (or potential ones) are either stuck in traffic on 400 south (or other major arteries leading into the big smoke) eating Thanksgiving turkey (and face it the Argos wouldn't be high on the "Things I'm Thankful For" list) or recovering from their post-game Blue Jays win hangovers! :lol:

Six first downs after three quarters, the lowest for any team so far this year.
Why is Willy still out there? Great coaching job.


They way Bo was hanging around on the sidelines during the Argos "drive" it certainly looked like his day was done and sure enough Tate just trotted out on to the field.
Nice to be able to pull your starter because you can and not because he's injured - a luxury most eastern teams haven't enjoyed this season.

Because Scotty "believes in him"! Sheesh!!! He really put his job on the line naming DW the starter for the remainder of the season! Too much too soon IMO.

With a TOR loss today the Bombers will clinch a playoff spot.
I always had a feeling Willy could get the Bombers into a playoff spot. :wink:

One way or another!!! Nothing like helping out the old teammates!! :lol: :lol:

...I know, but Buckley is the future, Tate is not...

Sounds right, I guessed 14,500.

Lots of unhappy patrons tonight. I think Milo has to go after today. Barker done after the season. The fight in the 2nd qtr was the highlight.

No one in double blue showed up today.

Argos are pure unadulterated trash!

Meek Milly (Coach) and Willy Nilly (QB) are now league jokes!

Barker will have to off Milly to save his own skin!

Unfortunately, I really believe Jumbo Barks will go after Winnipeg OC Paul "Plop" Lapolice.

Willy terrified of throwing deep - fearing his pick stats will balloon! I'll be darned! :cowboy: