GDT: Stamps @ Argos

Ray never had been a mobile QB. The blue team with only about 4 FD - a few minutes ago they had none! compared to 13+ for the horses. So much for Trestman's "powerful" offense!

They've needed to replace him for years... yet he keeps winning / holding on.

Perhaps this will be the year when father time catches up.

Who knows, I bet the Argos right now wish they had a guy like Masoli. But they are defending Grey Cup champs with Ray as starter so hold on I guess is the saying.

Yup - A bit like AC in Montreal - and look where they ended up after he finally was forced to retire. Everyone thought RR would pack it in after last season and maybe he should have. At least they have a couple of promising back ups in Franklin and Bethel-Thompson so shouldn't become the 'tire fire' that can be found in "La Belle Province"

Well there's always Vernon Adams - who is a "Masoli type" QB who's able to scramble and make plays on the run.

Trestman will wait a few games and if it isn't working, look for Franklin to take the helm.

323 yards of offense for the horses compared to only 69 for the boatmen :-[ And Trestman is supposed to be an "offensive wizard? :-\

Cue the comeback. :wink:

Brutal on that 3rd down attempt, the Argos should just concede now at this point, totally listless.

Ok, I'm out of here, going to watch a movie with the wife now, this one is donezo.

Not when they turn it over on downs! 3rd down gamble fails - so NO points . They might be wishing they'd taken the first FG instead of going for the fake play!

And the horses just added to their lead - so much for making every series count for the boatmen. They appear to be sinking again.

I guess putting Jackson on my fantasy team was maybe a good idea - although originally I had Williams.

This is starting to look a bit like the 60-1 debacle - horses over the Ticats - last season but at least the tabbies weren't playing at home! Horses just added to their lead

And now Ray is hurt. What a disastrous night for the Argos.

Yes it doesn't look good but often the using the board is a precautionary measure so hopefully it isn't a serious injury. Getting Franklin into the game might not be a bad idea -but too bad it's the result of an injury that has the potential to be serious.

Prayers for Mr. Ray.

But my word - 34-1 and facing a vicious Calgary D - with only a few minutes left in 3rd quarter - what the hay is Ray doing still playing - and why isn't J Franklin in the game! Just sayin' - - - - Ray's injury is far more concern than a stubborn old head coach who just may have seen his starter play his final game in the CFL!

Good news : He’s moving his hands.

Als fans used to complain that Trestman would never take AC out, even when they were way ahead or hopelessly behind. No successor was ever groomed, and they've had QB problems ever since.

Yeah that's a bummer.

OK - Did Matthew Scianitti say they are 'waiting for transportation in the loading dock area of BMO Field'. After that long a delay (15+ minutes) there wasn't an ambulance waiting?

As things go from bad to worse on the field. Is this going to end up like Hamilton's loss in Calgary last year 60 - 1?

41 - 1 and counting.