GDT: Stamps @ Argos

Grey Cup rematch!

They won't play again until late September.

Maybe Toronto will complete this week's Eastern Sweep of the West.

(Montreal doesn't count. Teams that lose all their games cannot be factored into stats like these.)

Not a bad crowd.

"Almost a sell-out" from what I heard - but they've closed off half the field! ::slight_smile:

Argos are going to have to get their butts in gear if they want to avoid going 0-2. Can't remember who I picked to win - might have been the double blue. WHAT was I thinking (if I did pick them)?

I picked them, too.

Hate to see them the bed in front of a half decent crowd.

Just checked and yup I picked them - but only with 40% confidence. They might have to win on the strength of their D - Yell just grabbed the fumble to get the ball back in blue hands.

So much for NOT ing the bed.

What was that fake fg all about? Put points on the board!

Far be it for me to cheer for the blue team but that was a DUMB play that backfired. Take the FG points and live to score again later!

GC "champs" not looking so mighty - now 17-0 They could have had 3 points on the board if not for the bone-headed play. But hey I'm not going to complain if our biggest rivals shoot themselves in the foot! :slight_smile:

This looks like it could be a Bombers-Als type game from last night. :-*

Ray’s arm looks like it’s toast.

Argos might not be looking too sharp thus far but NO ONE is as BAD as the larks! :-[ ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: They are a total disaster. Trestman at least keeps the blue guys looking respectable since he has a clue.

The Als? :smiley:

But yeah, the Ontario sweep is highly unlikely at this point.

Way to reward your fans, Argos. ::slight_smile:

Regardless though, the Argos look listless, they needed a td on this drive, Ray looks basically lost out there.

Kevin, this is athletics and if you haven't got it, you ain't got it no matter if you have a billion fans. And the Argos don't look like they got it.

Amen to that.

Yup decided to go for the "sure" points this time and missed the FG so still have nothing to show. Although it looked to me like someone maybe got a hand on the ball to knock it off course

Some games he looks like that... and so far this is one of them.

A shame they get bums in the seats and then embarrass themselves.

Argos will be lucky to escape this with losing by anything less than 20 points. This will be ugly when all is said and done.

They sure aren't looking too good on offense or defense although their D has been a bit better than the O thus far - and that's not saying much. Ricky was finally getting some time to get rid of the ball.
Could be the Stamps are more than motivated by the Blue "replica GC ring" give away tonight!

Without Ray being able to run much at his age and with his arm, defenses will be able to unload.

But hey, it's just the 2nd game of the season, lots of games left.