GDT: Stampeders @ Tiger-Cats July 13th!

So is Stampeders’ QB Nick Arbuckle the real deal or will he come crashing back to earth when an aroused Tiger-Cats’ Defence with something to prove administers a dose of reality? Who in addition to Eric Rogers might Arbuckle target with his passes? And who will get the bulk of the action from the RB slot for the Stamps, Terry Williams or rookie Ka’Deem Carey?

And which tailback will get the bulk of the touches for the Tiger-Cats, Maleek Irons or Anthony Coombs? And can QB Jeremiah Masoli find enough game balls to distribute among all half dozen or so pass-hungry receivers the Tiger-Cats will have on the field at any one time? Who will be the odd man out? Odd man in? And who will be left with the game ball at the end of the evening?

Stay tuned! The fun starts tomorrow at 7:00 PM.

He’s no good. Don’t use him on your fantasy team. Try Vern Adams this week and Fajardo next.

Probably worthwhile adding Maleek Irons. Lots of potential.

Have fun, enjoy the games.

Have to go with the lesser of two evils. Hamilton by 9

Hamilton puts it together in front of the home crowd, Arbuckle struggles with Ticats defence, and Masoli asserts himself as one of the CFL’s best quarterbacks. 20-17 Hamilton.

Agree with CFL Pete. The Tabbys will win this one. They have a lot of motivation, having lost to the sad sack Als last week.

Agree with you on Masoli. Both him and Reilly are, in my opinion, the toughest QBs in the league. But unlike poor old Reilly, Masoli, at least, has talented team mates to back him up.

Agree with Robert - OSKEE WEE WEE!!

The Skeeters win on the road.

Wishful thinking, just as I’m hoping the Als pull off the win in Ottawa, even though I know it’s not likely.

This actually makes sense.

Except for the fact that Hamilton isn’t playing Toronto. And Hamilton isn’t playing Montreal. And their opponent has had time to game-prep their back-up quarterback.

Unfortunately, Ti-Cats are playing a real team this week.

Calgary by a major.

Hamilton by a margin greater than 14 points.


Clearly this was the hottest of takes.

This Redblacks fan is with ya bud! They are my # 2 team.

For me, the weekend games were about to become a total disaster but thankfully, the Tabbys took the sting out of it. Good game laddies.

Now people can knock off the “Hamilton has only beaten Montreal and Toronto”…though no one ever mentioned that Calgary has only beaten B.C. and Saskatchewan, hardly the crème-de-la-crème of the CFL.
And both those wins were courtesy of Nick Arbuckle, who was shut down by Hamilton last night. Bo Levi Mitchell lost the only game he finished, and was losing when he came out of the BC game.

Guilty. I was wrong, and Hamilton played enthusiastic, inspired football. They beat a good team (none of that “Calgary beat themselves” nonsense). Well done to the Ti-Cats.

Just for the record, Morris, I wasn’t aiming those comments specifically at you. A lot of people were saying that, not just here but elsewhere, and some continue to say it. “Oh, yeah, playing a team with a backup QB.”
I mean, who else are we going to beat? Half the league is using their backup QBs now.

No, but I’m one of the guilty parties, so your words are well directed.

And Calgary has no excuse, they were simply outplayed and out-hustled, particularly on special teams (which made the game even more enjoyable, since I happen to like the Special Teams Coordinators for both Hamilton and Calgary).

And you’re very right about half the teams using their backup pivots. You’ll be able to add Mike Reilly’s name to the list soon if BC doesn’t get it together.

Boy, were you ever right concerning Vern Adams! And Maleek Irons rewarded players with a big time return on the dollars they ventured.

Interesting though that despite the Stampeders’ loss, Nick Arbuckle outperformed and outpointed his high priced counterpart Jeremiah Masoli.