GDT: Stampeders @ RedBlacks July 25th!

Can Jonathan Jennings find the game he once had and pull the RedBlacks out of their tailspin? Is there any hope?

Or will the Stampeders’ big D simply snuff out the possibility of the RedBlacks winning another this year over the Stamps? Will it be sweet revenge for the Stamps or something far more decisive?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow evening.


Won’t be a lot of scoring on either side, but Calgary’s defense is gonna beat 'em like a Salvation Army drum.

After reading for months how the Stampeders D was going to be abysmal after a rebuild, it’s been fun watching this squad rough up the league. Even the pundits are starting to concede that the Red Dread is pretty good.

Unfortunately, the Calgary offense is the real travesty. Starting QB-gone. Starting RB-gone. Top receiver-gone. Offensive linemen Brad Erdos and Leon Johnson out. The team is barely limping along with a patchwork O, and in a year when the West actually has a contender in Winnipeg, it’s not going to be easy making it back to the Grey Cup this year (which is a shame, with the game being held in Calgary). It’s unlikely that Kamar Jorden will return to form any time soon, if he’s able to return at all this year. Without any decent receivers at his disposal, Mitchell wasn’t lighting it up before the injury. And it appears possible Don Jackson was just a wee bit overrated.

But even with this MASH unit, Calgary will prevail on Thursday.

On the Ottawa side, Jennings’ psyche is going to take such a pounding after this game that he’s going to need the phone number to Mike Reilly’s shrink.

And it may be time for the RCMP to put out an APB on Sinopoli, because he is definitely MIA.

The lone bright spot has been Crockett. I suspected that he would be stellar if given a chance, and he is proving it. Ottawa has to hope the Stamps will pull their patented first-half sleepwalk again to give Crockett enough touches to maybe make this thing interesting…

…Nah. See sentence #1

A little home cookin’ is just what the doctor ordered.

It should be interesting. We forget that Ottawa has returned almost their entire defense. & are led by two of the best defensive minds in football. HC Campbell & DC Thorpe.
They now have plenty of film on Stamps backup Arbuckle and they are operating with a depleted offensive starters of late.
On the flip side Ottawa has also had a few key players injured on their defense.

On the other side of the ball for both teams.
Ottawas offense from last year from the OC to top players is like a greek Tragedy.
While Calgrys defnse had huge losses from last year. But hasent skipped a beat.

Both special teams continue to be great with top DCs.

I wuldnt touch this game with a 10 foot pole.

It appears it will become a chess match.

…I hope it’s more exciting than that! :smiley:

Why Redblacks kicker Lewis Ward’s field goal streak is in jeopardy

Visiting my old home town this week and will be at the game cheering on my team. Who is going to win? Well, if the ORBs continue on as they have over the past three games, the Stamps. Then again, neither team is what they were last season. To be honest, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the rare experience (for me) of attending a live game.

But I have to be true to my team. Ottawa wins! (and hope springs eternal).

…have a good game Robert! Enjoy!

…fumble, stamps recover, only 3 pts…

It’s a field goal competition!

…what the Daniel!!! Bad face paint…

…there’ll be a rouge somewhere along the way

Does that mean we’ll have to discuss it for the next week or so? That seems to be the trend lately. Not sure if it’s a requirement.

Stamps are racking up penalties.

…this is sloppy, boo

Indeed. Too many penalties and turnovers. Might be the heat.

Some pretty good defence tonight

Yes, seems both teams have had some good moments.

Groan. So I have Ka’Deem Carey in Fantasy and he was doing really well. I don’t suppose I can be optimistic regarding his chances for returning in the second half.


I don’t know what the QB efficiency stat actually means on the box score, but I see that Arbuckle is 112.08 but Jennings is -38.54. Are such large gaps a frequent occurrence? And yet the game is tied.