GDT: Stampeders @ Blue Bombers October 25th!

So the Calgary Stampeders should still be highly motivated to get the W tomorrow since they’re still in the hunt for first place in the West.

But the Winnipeg Blue Bombers seem destined for third place in the West and Coach O’Shea has elected to start Zach Collaros at QB. I’m just wondering how much more experimentation we might see from the Bombers. Andrew Harris though is still pencilled in to start at RB.


I hope Zach has a great injury-free “first-start” game (he holds a special place in the hearts of many Cat fans). Conversely, I hope BLM gets sacked a dozen times by Big Willie…

Well Strevler has officially been but on the on game IR for the game.
Hopefully Lapo gives Calloros alot of Max protection.
As well as a heavy dose of Harris & Augustine.
& just were the stamps D down systematically

Have to agree. It would be great to see Zach out there having a good game but he does need to be protected. This could be an interesting game - 'Peggers were certainly in it for most of the last game.

Get em Zach!!!

He’s looking pretty good so far considering the short length of time he’s been with the team and the limited reps that he’s had with his receivers with just one week of practice taking first team reps.

X 2

Demski got tipped by the fans hahaha. Stay classy Winnipeg.

Yikes! Is the Bomber D asleep? (Sorry, I don’t have TV access i.e. TSN sucks!).

Another game that the refs are 1 sided…how was that late ball called a catch? Obviously hit the ground…Fans are not happy tonight.

They call us on a BS horse collar (jeffcoat had his jersey), but don’t call the same on the Grant return tackle.

…nope, great catch…

Not a chance…watch it again

…grabbed em by the shoulder, you should watch the actual game…

…I watched it as many times as TSN showed it…

Jeffcoats was a horsecollar buy they did miss the one on Grant.

…when does the cheese platter arrive?

Cant leave that much time. Almost guaranteed to be a touchdown.

If the calls aren’t 1 sided, we have the lead going in to the half…ofcourse you’re liking the result.

And tell me what happens if a fan pushes the Stamp player who comes up in our stands? I sure would have.