GDT: Stampeders @ Blue Bombers August 8th!

Sales has really upped his game after an early PI

Because they have Banks and Williams and Adeleke and Likely… Good returner but only so much room on the roster.

Fun half!

The command center reviews all potential scoring plays anyway so there was no need for Coach O’Shea to throw a challenge flag.


Guess that was music but sounded more like just noise to me! :-\

I always skip these Thursday night “concerts”.

Outstanding leg on Medlock.

Some of them are okay. Should have found something to do to avoid the “noise”!

Stamps starting to fall behind with the huge kick from Medlock for 55 yards.

Like I said. . .

Absolutely none have been even close to my taste in music.

Some of these returners are just that good! And there have been a lot of return and kick off TDs this year. Seems to be a trend.

Crown Lands - You would have to like Hard rock music .

Should be doing Hamilton as well .

Had to look them up .

It was not too bad at all . May struggle with variety .

Surprised me a two instrument band could sound that good and have that energy .

For those hating country they were definitely not country .

And I don’t. I find it terribly simplistic and banal.

Good for them. Don’t like country either.

If Bombers score a TD on this drive, I think the game is theirs.

This has been a really good game.

Definitely NOT my style - lot of noise for just two guys!

Well they are knocking on the door after recovering that fumble but are kept to a FG. However the Stamps offense has been kept in check pretty much this half.

Probably why you would not like them . Don’t blame you .

Grew up going to see live bands at Pubs and bars .

Barrymores in Ottawa or the Pembroke Hotel or Chez in Chapeau was just a regular Saturday night listening to a band .

They remind me of that era with a twist .

They were usually cover rock bands so original music is kinda cool .

On to the game Harris is pounding the rock for the Bombers .

Probably my favourite CFL player .

Did not like that QB keeper play .

Hate that penalty . Suitor playing the league friend .