GDT: Stampeders @ Blue Bombers August 8th!

So will Romar Morris manage to make some headway against the Blue Bombers’ Defence on the ground this week or will he be effective again only as a safety valve when Nick Arbuckle drops back to pass? And will Nick Arbuckle do just enough to lead the Stampeders to another victory this week?

Will Matt Nichols dispel critics and return to the form he showed before the Blue Bombers’ eastern swing? Will Andrew Harris set the bar even higher for himself once again in defiance of those who think his Fantasy value is already too high? Will the Blue Bombers rediscover their early season form and cruise to another victory at home?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow evening.


If this doesn’t rev a football fan’s engines…

Two top teams facing off to start the second third of the season.

Just wish it was a “fairer fight” with a healthy BLM against a confident Matt Nichols.

So much parity between these teams this year, tough to call a winner.

…Bo’s making some noise at practice yesterday, saying he’s ready to start, coaches decision of course, but he wants to go…

Nick Arbuckle has been anointed as the starting QB by Coach Dickenson.


…Arbuckle took first team reps so that makes sense…

Going forward, or just this game? Arbuckle hasn’t looked bad, so wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a permanent change.

Just this game … Dickenson has been VERY clear this is Bo’s team. I would not be surprised to see some special packages set up for Nick going forward though.

…can’t see the bombers sliding to three L’s in a row, they are better than that…and even though the horsies have been pulling out W’s they haven’t been blow away wins, and I expect no difference tonight…so I’m going to predict a close fought game with the bombers coming out on top, 27-17, something like that…

For the money that the Stamps are paying Mitchell - even upped their offer in free agency to keep him - he won’t be riding the pine if he’s healthy and ready to start. Arbuckle may look like he’s ready to be a starter but he’ll have to find another team when he hits free agency next winter.

I agree that it’s likely going to be a close game but somehow I see the Stamps coming out with the win. But then I was 1/4 in my pick 'em last week! Of course that was my worst week - and I’m sure a few people got caught off guard by the Argos win and quite possibly the OTTRBs win.

Alot of empty seats for a 1st place showdown

Bombers looking good; Calgary looks flat.

It was only a matter of time before Calgary woke up

Stamps in the game now. Caveat. . . Winnipeg’s D line is getting pressure; not impressed with Calgary’s O line.

Calgary gets themselves on the board with that TD. Probably going to be a close one.

Stamps out in front now

Not any more they don’t. Of course a couple of penalties helped them on that drive.

You got that right

Looked like a catch to me though perhaps not enough to overturn

Yeah I thought it looked like a catch too - at least got a FG out of the drive and then go the Stamps off the field pretty quickly.

Mark Kilam will be going bonkers