GDT Stampeders At Alouettes

I am thinking this will be an early season loss for the Stamps.

The Stamps are better at all positions, but that is secondary.

The Stamps suck at Molson Stadium.

Stamps are a great road team, but Molson is the one stadium they never play well in.

ALS 23


Plus Stamps are banged up with 3 D-Linemen out.

Go als

Even with all the injuries in Calgary I still think Calgary wins easily. Though now that Montreal has Durant you never know.

Nice someone @ TSN reelized putting Rod & Forde together stunk!

Dunign, who's more entertaining th n just bout everyone in for Forde!

Good on TSN for recognizing they hd problems!

I hate Josh Bell.

Smart as a sack of sand.

Why is he on this team.?

He makes lots of tackles, but he is constantly being beat deep.

That horse tackle, :thdn: :thdn: :roll: :roll:

Bell's jerconi - but sved TD with hoss collur - couldn't bring the guy down himself - not strong enough, needed the collr

Nik Lewis and Mickey Lolich, a Tiger great for the Detroit Tigers of yesteryear, one of my favs when my Dad used to take us kids to Tiger Stadium to watch back in the day. My Dad wasn't a CFL fan but he was a great Dad nonetheless.

Both great "big gut" players! Love those guts! :smiley:

I hope to see Nik get that milestone.

Thanks for all your work while here in Calgary Nik. :thup:

For sure,love to see him get that milestone!

And another score for the Als, or wait...

I think I will follow Lyle's MO.

From now on I will refer to Jerome Moron.

IDIOT, show some class and act like a paid pro.

B. Ruth best big gut plyer EVER.

Others = BIG POPPI, Tom Wilkinson, few others!

Didn't catch what Messam did that got him kicked out of the game. Stamps are certainly looking vulnerable against the larks D tonight anyway.

Took a cheap shot on Chip Cox then mouthed off after the first penalty.

He was not happy with one penalty , so he decided to take a second one and get kicked out.

30 yards .

So far the Stamps are making me look good :roll:

I said they suck in Molson. :lol:

I hope Johnny is enjoying this. :thup:

Messam isn't the brightest wick in the world, super player but needs to get himself together with his grey matter. He did the crotch thingy last week, right?

Durant sucks for the most part tonight, but the Als d is shutting down Bo and that offence for the most part.

2nd half coming... Durant needs to get better in the 2nd half.

I'm loving "Jerome Moron".
I think it was me, in fact, observing just yesterday what an asshat he is.
Now BLM.....

Thanks for the info. Just saw the replay and it looks like Cox took the first shot. Messam shouldn't have let that get to him. Cox IMO has always been a "dirty" player who gets away with too much although he did take a penalty on that exchange too.

Love that description, asshat, nice one Wumper! :thup:

"How's Jerome doing Coach?" - "No comment on that" :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have been fined for that disgusting act. :thdn:

Shamed the organization and my city. :oops: :oops:

When he was in BC in 2010, a bunch of team mates went to Wally and said they wanted him out,
He was a locker room cancer.

Quick update!
Jerome Moron spotted in Le Club SuperSex watching on the big screen....

So they call that incidental contact to DD (more the result of his own player holding a defender) but didn't call the more blatant head shot on Ray late in last night's game?? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Nice toss from BLM to Scianitti on the sideline. Too bad he's out of bounds and not in red and white! :smiley: