GDT: Stampeders @ Argonauts September 20th!

Will the Stampeders continue their recent surge even without leading receiver Reggie Begelton?

The Argos though look to be fast improving. Will McLeod Bethel-Thompson succeed in deploying his array of offensive weapons, e.g. James Wilder Jr., Derel Walker et al. against Calgary’s vaunted Defence?

Stay tuned! The game’s tonight.


The Stamps with BLM rarely lose regardless of where they’re playing so while the boatmen have certainly started to right a sinking ship, I don’t expect them to overcome the horses even with home field “advantage”. Don’t think the horses will gallop all over them for an easy win, but they will take home the 2 points when all is said and done - unless of course they keep dropping like flies. Two players have already gone off the field with injury - at least one of them unlikely to return.

On a side note - Calgary playing on the road looks like Calgary should - red and white (althought they could lose the black socks). Calgary playing at home looks too much like the OTTRBs!

I just tuned in. Is that MB-T in there for the Argos? If so, that interception he threw, badly, just cost his team a TD for the other guys.

I shouldn’t be too critical from the comfort of my chair, but geez. It was a long, tough throw, but it was short and barely made it there. I thought he had a better arm than that.

Horrible start and so far first half for my Argos before a paltry audience of family and friends.

Nice rush there by Wilder.

Couldn’t believe the HC not going for it on the 3 yard line.
Did you hear the boo birds, no kidding.

How stupid was that gamble by HC, 3 and 5 on our side of mid field while we do not gamble on their 3?

Thats the stuff that needs to happen, Walker should have put more effort Into catching that ball

Toronto needs to find a good fullback to help wilder

Except it was thrown behind him.

4 people actually voted Argos here? :o

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is radio broadcast of this game in Toronto?

TSN 1050 is broadcasting the Maple Leafs/Sabres pre-season game.

Yes, a third PRE-SEASON hockey game (in three nights no less!) bumps a once-a-week REGULAR SEASON football game.

Tell me the Argonauts aren’t irrelevant in their home city.

…QR770 will have a live feed online and it’s generally a good call but, fair warning, it’s going to have a very large Stampeders slant to it…

Good for the CFL that the Argos are crap this year and then attendance looks accordingly whereas if the Argos were winning a lot and on top of the East and with this attendance which could very well be the case in this instance, that would look a whole heck of a lot worse. :-*

True enough. At least now there’s an excuse.

…that was a nice takeaway, against Mr Rogers no less…

Just go to Varsity with a 5000 seater sort of thing even with a track, at least it’s in downtown Toronto. BMO is too big for the Argos with their dwindling fanbase.

Merge the Cats and Argos, told you so CFL years ago. S Ont only needs one CFL team and that stadium is in Hamilton. Eventually the CFL will get it :wink:

Why merge the two teams? The Argos will disappear on their own it appears.
The Cats can just pilfer who they wish from the sunken Argonaut ship.

True enough Ice.

…14 pt lead, one quarter left