GDT: Stampeders @ Alouettes October 5th!

So tomorrow the Stampeders will have Reggie Begelton and Don Jackson back in the lineup. Will that make a difference? To me it doesn’t look as if the Stamps need any more firepower right now.

The Als’ though will see Vernon Adams back at the helm. Now that should help.

Game time in vibrant downtown Montréal is anytime! The rugby football tilt at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium starts at 4:00 PM.

Looking forward to this game.

Hopefully Montreal fans will come out to this game. You never know, this could be a Grey Cup preview.

Als 24-17

In theory Calgary has an overall better team than Montreal, but they always struggle in Percival-Molson (one of the only three victories in 2017 was against the Stamps at home). Adams Jr took the right decision by accepting the suspension last week. I bet on an Als victory.

Skeeters win big in this one.

Actually I think it will be close but I suspect Calgary will come out ahead in this one. I know that they have often struggled in La Belle Province even against weaker Als teams and the larks have been tough to beat at home this year with Adams playing but I think they’ll be motivated enough to keep that top spot in the west to slow down Adams and his attack.

A HEAVY dose of the run game. With Stanback doing some pounding running North South.
More of a dose of Johnson bouncing it outside, Running Off Tackle , and some bubble screens.
As well as VA. doing some rolling out with the option of passing or running.
Controlling the time of possesion & keeping BLM. And the stamps O off the field.
Seems to be a formula for success. Establish that early will set up VA for read options & play action.

At this time of year, I usually go with the team that has more to play for and today that team is Calgary.

UH - I don’t think so - certainly not based on the first half. Larks will have to make it through the Ticats to get to the GC although I will say that they’ve been pretty impressive this year - almost scary at times. But I think the Ticats have just as much heart and maybe a better team.

Well I’d say that’s changed as the first half has progressed with the Stamps leading in ToP although the pick that the Larks just got looks like it will result in some points just before half time- although only a FG. Does narrow the gap. Won’t be surprised if the game is close. VAJ has that “never say die” mentality and his team mates follow his lead.

Have to be rooting for Calgary - they win, larks lose and the Ticats nail down first place.
Of course BLM is going to have to stop tossing picks -and the rest have to stop fumbling. Just turned the ball over again. Second time in late in the first half.

Good game so far .

Nice run,

Can’t sleep on the larks - just tied it up with that punt return TD!

Looks like this was a good week to put Josh Huff in my fantasy lineup! - except he just fumbled the ball - recovered by the larks.


Skeeters = Alouettes? ;D

Defence today from the Als was intense .

Fans into it .

Really enjoyed this one .

…good game all around, entertaining to the end…crowd was really into it…

Shows what I know, eh?

Lol, as long as you enjoy the games!