GDT: Sask'n @ Edmonton

Chick did look slow and ineffective. Maybe playing time will help!

Wow, wasn't expecting this result, the Rider defence Jones style made Riley look ordinary and Glenn was at his best with improvising and getting enough protection to do it. A sick td catch by Roosevelt think it was, can't remember, one of the best I've seen in a while.

Don't count the Riders out of things just yet. If they were in the East they'd win the division easily I bet. No, it's not a comment really about going to one division, at least I don't think so. Yet. :wink:

Did anyone count them out?
The West division could have all teams with winning records and the East with all losing records.

I wonder if some did count them out, I know I was starting to think that way a few weeks back.

Yup, all East teams might have a losing record!

Who woulda thunk it!
Maybe, just maybe, Chris Jones actually knows what he is doing.???
Good to see, this League needs a strong green presence.

The league probably benefits much more from a strong green presence as you say Grover compared with a strong Double Blue presence at least based out of the Centre of the Universe. How much of a strong Double Blue presence in the COTU is required for the league is definitely up for debate. :wink:

yep...a lot of people. Review the first page of this tread. Go to an Esks board. Look back and see what any odds maker had this game at. Look at what basically every analyst had to say going in. A vast amount of people didn't see the Riders having a chance in this game and thereby the season really.

that would be crazy two seasons in a row.

What does Bovine Mitchell from the Stumps getting under the table cash have to do with the Roughriders?