GDT: Sask'n @ Edmonton

so much for seeing Franklin now ....

Dempsey , brain fart

Why is Mike Reilly still in this game? Maas is trying to get his QB killed out there.

Reminds me of Roy being left in goal down by 6 goals ... is he trying to humiliate his QB?

I’m sure Reilly wants to stay in the game, he’s competitive. It’s the coaches job to know when to make that call though.

88 for … 23 against in the last 2 games. Good showing for the Riders

With Edmonton/Sask being another 2 game season series, points for and against are really important. Can't get too lackadaisical in the last few minutes.

Saskatchewan Defense is the player of the game lol ( on TSN ). Honorable mention to Roosevelt

Could only imagine if the ALS still had Carter & SJ Green in their receiving corps.

Carter is dominating out there

Okay que the comeback lol

Gotta keep the first game point spread ... not a fan of letting carter out to play defense

Wasn’t it 9 goals?


Ugly performance tonight by the Esks. The score flatters them. At least the wife is happy

It was pretty shocking. I think they had 147 yards net when Reilly left after 3+. Never thought I would see that (like ever, not just this game). He was also clearly shaken a bit back there, and you don’t see that too much from him either.

That Rider d looked like the 2015 Esks squad out there. They player tough, physical d and it looks like things are starting to come together over there. One botched punt and a couple garbage time touchdowns made the game appear closer than it was.

For sure. I could see the Riders progressing and all, but this one was still fairly surprising. I know the Esks are banged up pretty darned hard, so that is a big factor, but it is arguably the best secondary that they have rostered all season and I would say definitely the best DL (besides depth at DE perhaps). Linebackers were a huge concern coming into this one for them, and it showed, but other things did as well. They did play a pile better on D and getting pressure in the second half…I almost wondered if Glenn was a little shaken after the eye thing TBH and thought perhaps he should have come out.
Special teams were “special” for both sides…oye…both had a couple doozies.
For me it is Reilly though…I just don’t recall seeing him ever really get that phased…he had heat on him all night. In comparison, Glenn played very solid ball but same thing…heat came on, game went downhill.

Not only did Reilly stay in - but he went berserk trying to make TD saving tackles on his two Pik6’s - - - - - on the first one he inexplicably dived at the goal-line to make a non-factor tackle (guess he could have jarred the ball loose but the risk of injury is great) and on the 2nd one a Sask’n guy smoked him! But Hatter is a vicious competitor so I would expect none the less of him. Even Matt Nichols in Wpg. has same killer attitude - while cowards like Troy Westwood & Medlock kinda wash off any potential tackles and bury their shoulders into the turf.

Rider D looked real good, they had Reilly doing plenty of aimless chucking.

Evil Empire had an astounding 35 points allowed off of turnovers. Edmonton O simply played like they had Black Lung. Special teams blunders didn't help.

Esks should just put that game film, into the burn bag.

John Chick took the losing ways from Hamilton to Edmonton.
All Chick’s fault. ;D