GDT: Sask'n @ Edmonton

Rider mastermind CJ Horky sending his troops into battle with long-term QB mastermind Jason Maas.

Sask'n has shown measured improvement as the season progresses. Not a great team but certainly not CFL rubbish.

If Kevin Glenn can somehow produce 300+ passing yds (he has the WRs to do this) and protect the football (1 or zero picks) he can produce the needed W for green man nation.

Particularly ifMad Hatter Reillyis still slightly off his A (even B+) game.

If Glenn is great and Jennings is sub-average the riders have an opportunity to slaughter the Esks. (slaughter in green country would be 12 to 15 pts)

Smart money would be on a tight game that isn't decided until at least half way thru the 4th quarter.

Hi Guy.

No sure I would bet on that game. Kind of like Sask but maybe BC.
Hell I'll go with Edmonton.

I think Money Mayweather has this one in the bag. :slight_smile:

Do the Riders have a prayer in this one?

Much improved team. Extra under the table cash still works.

Nice respectful argument between Milty Stegall & Matt Dunigan re: NFL cuts coming up for additional time if CFL re-stored the so-called peekaboo contracts!

Like how Matt said no way the CFL should do it - and Milt went completely opposite.

Great start by the Riders. Really getting after Reilly early in the 1st quarter.

Not something you see very often, with the blocked PAT returned for 2 points. 3 point swing there.

A play that goes strange on a partial block on the convert, Carter takes it the other way for 2
19-6 Riders :o

Have to feel a bit for Reilly, that O-line isn't doing a very good job of keeping him upright. Even on a 3 man rush they can't keep him clean.

TSN putting its gaze on probably the next coaching casualty in the CFL.

Edmonton DC Mike Benevides - aka The Ferocious Sewer Rat!

Might not cut ties with Benny for 3 or 4 games - but if most of them are losses - he’ll be having coffee with Reinbold, Austin, etc.

Well that's a really unfortunate break if you're the Riders or a great bounce if you're an Eskimo.

I can't say that I predicted the first half would be so slanted in favour of the Riders. Edmonton are really banged up and the cracks are starting to show a little bit.

WOW - totally impressed with the riders as they put the hammer down on the mighty schmoes- totally controlling Mad Hatter.

20 point deficit at home for Jason's Esks....

Glenn appeared to get spiked in the eye or nose on the last rider TD - could this be the start of Vern Adams career as a QB in the CFL?

Glenn is a tough little hombre. He won't concede the job unless he's really on rubber leg street . . . .

That's the second face-mask on Glenn not called - Jones should have used his challenge on that one

Riders probably should have challenged, and then the field goal gets blocked. I understand not doing it as you're still in position for points and don't want to use up the lone challenge.

The pick 6 probably seals this one. I'd pull Reilly if I was the Esks.

time for both teams to go to back up Qb's

Edmonton has just looked bad offensively. Usually a bad sign when the opposing teams defense is outscoring your offense.

now maybe we get to see the back ups lol