GDT: Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

The Oski-oui-oui Memorial Thread

Someone had to do it

What did I miss?

You missed me adding and deleting a thread of my own.

And not much on the field, other than Thigpen looking a bit dangerous.

I checked right up until the moment I posted it. I guess we both reached our limit at the same time.

Always liked Thigpen.

Bakari - you need to look back to make the catch

Mine was titled GDT: Ex-Ticats in Green @ Ticats. A lot of them out there, plus the one on the sideline. I then immediately checked and saw yours. My fear was that we'd both delete ours when we saw the other one there. :smiley:

And yeah, me too with Thigpen. Left legally for the NFL after signing his contract less than a week before the option year rules changed. Unlike he who shall not be named.

Well, the defence bailed out Jones there, keeping them to only three after the fumble.

Much more creative title.

Mike Jones fumbles deep in our end, but Sask (Adams at QB for short yardage) couldn't punch it in. Great stop by the D.

Ah thank goodness! I was getting lonely!

And thank goodness for the D who are the only ones making good plays so far. Can the O get something going on this drive. Haven't even managed a FD yet and they aren't going to this time. >:(

Thanks to the D the damage is not great on the turn over but the O looks like doggie pooh

Ticats revive a Brandon Bridge fumble.

Now our offence continues to look for its first 1sr down.

That's recover, of course. No revivals yet.

OK, that's why I didn't see the fumble. It never even hit the ground. Almost looked like a handoff.


McGough just earned his paycheque taking down Thigpen but not before he had a huge gain! >:(

YEAH DEFENSE Ticat's ball at midfield!! WOO HOO -they needed to flip the field but they have to make a play - and can't again!

I thought at first you meant receive, given how he caught the fumble in the air.

Sure can't complain about the defensive play so far. The offense of course is another matter. :cry:

Punted out of bounds. Perhaps not a bad idea.

Things looking very good for the second half, assuming someone has told Coach Jones that Masoli is always red hot in one half and ice cold in the other. (We just never know before the game which will be which)

Not when it's flagged for an illegal kick. Meanwhile Bridge is slinging it down the field and making BIG gains >:(

Defense playing aggressively but getting flagged again for IC is giving them free yards >:(

... resulting in Sask TD.

Now down 10-0. Probably time soon to start hearing from some of the regulars, now that there is something to complain about.