GDT: Roughriders @ Stampeders October 11th!

Thanks. I sure hope so :-[

Edited to say I see it now. I should be ashamed of myself, not TSN ;D

Damn Riders fans :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well lets hope we ‘play’ better then that…lol :wink:

well, you’re starting down a major already :wink:

good start to the game.

both teams are playing somewhat sloppy, but that is likely cause the other is playing strong, causing the sloppiness.

I think it’s a bit “chilly” out there too - there was snow out there yesterday. Probably have to get used to hanging on to the football with colder temps.
Calgary sloppy - with one - almost two - turnovers. That’s what killed them in the Montreal game.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the other guys on the field are wearing green and white, I’d swear I was watching the OTTRBs - WHY does Calgary insist on wearing almost all black when their colours are supposed to be red and white - at least they used to be red and white.

I noticed those small piles of snow in the corner…can’t see their breathe…but can still tell it’s chilly.

Calgary secondary is playing strong…as is Saskatchewan’s D.

i expect a close game unless one side or the other pulls ahead late in the fourth. I think it’s going to be a Calgary win but who knows. They have looked beatable - even with BLM

If Simoni hit Fajardo like that hit on 3rd and inches, Suitor would be calling for him to be kicked out of the league for life

That went down the drain pretty quickly - Roberson injured early (didn’t see it - was watching the east game) finished for the night and possibly for the season after going off on the cart.

Ain’t that the truth. There was a big hit on an Ottawa player by an Argo player in the earlier game - assessed an UR penalty but Simoni would be viciously attacked if he’d made the hit. Don’t recall any comment on that hit. ::slight_smile:

And I see there was just a spearing penalty here. Not sure who the guilty party is but shouldn’t he be called out for being a “dirty” player? ::slight_smile:

good long drive for Sask.

looking good on that one.

Fajardo is very strong with the ball.

Yes the ref crapped the bed on that PI call but gainey has to let it go … stupid to take unsportsmanlike penalty…

I didn’t see the PI on the play. Looked like a well defended play.

Bradbury, lol.

It wasn’t PI … not even close. That’s why gainey lost it. When a ref blows a call that bad you need to leave it to the coach … players can’t get away with tearing a ref a new one

Happens to all teams … you can’t let the other teams or officiating get under your skin …

Fajardo throwing deep on 2nd and 2, and getting picked off, lol.

who does that?

Micah gets insured on a ST play.

weird night.

edit: now we have a 25 minute major penalty and ejection on Calgary’s Casher.

Fajardo limping…but looks ok.

Wow are the stamps playing dirty out there.

Al Bradbury crew at it again. This is terrible. Let them play the game for crying out loud!

On edge but not dirty. crappy officiating