GDT: Roughriders @ Stampeders October 11th!

Here it is, the game of the year to this point! It’s the big battle for first place in the West between the 10-4 Saskatchewan Roughriders and the 9-5 Calgary Stampeders.

The last time these two teams met on July 6th the Stampeders clubbed the Roughriders 37-10. Will the result be much different this time?


Riders will win but no way they cover the 27 point spread. 11-4 Riders, 9-6 Stamps setting up two important games between Winnipeg and Calgary for a home game.

…if the stamps lose there’s little chance they can finish the season first in the west so this game is huge to determine who gets the first round bye and home field for the western final…should be a duesy…

…[\clap] lol, give him a hand folks, he’s here all Friday to entertain you [clap]…isn’t he great?!, awesome stuff…heh heh…but seriously now, stamps mop the field with the riders tonight…I predict TWO picks tonight from Roberson, one of them for six points… ;D

…but truly serious here, this is going to be a night where the D’s have something to prove, all around Charleston Hughes…#39 has got to be pumped to show the horsies they were FOOLS to let him go…and he might be right! he’s a beast right now and this game is only going to dump pure nitromethane direct into his duel superchargers…and the stamps have O line injuries resulting in two green newbies in both tackle positions, so I foresee a potential for CH to get his money’s worth at the BLM all-you-can-sack buffet…BLM better have his magic scramble shoes on tonight…

…and on the R&W defensive side, all the incentive to say, respectfully Mr. Hughes, we are doing just fine without you…let’s us show you how’s it done (smothering a qb)…

…hahah! it’s going to be a great game!

So you’re expecting a low-scoring game in which the Defences dominate I take it.


Penalties will be key. If the Riders can stay disciplined, then this will be a barn burner. A few stupid offsides and an RTP or illegal contact at an inopportune time, like they’ve been doing of late, and Calgary will make them pay dearly.

Calgary is going to come on strong.

I’d give them a margin of 2 majors.


What and the Riders won’t?
Riders win by 10!!

You going R&W?

Hughes with 2 sacks. Johnson 1 and a forced fumble.

Nah, they won’t.

…sadly I cannot, heading north to my dad’s place to close it up for the winter…will catch it on the tv…

…NO! not at all…while both defensive squads will be fierce it’s still going to be fun offensively…either that or it turns into a field goal fest…

| also hope/ expect to see an exciting offensive game with the Riders throwing a in’ ‘pinch of Powell’ …

Whoever booked the scheduling for tonight at TSN should be ashamed. We will miss the first 30 mins of the game.


It isn’t on a different TSN channel?

I don’t want to miss a minute of the Stamps RR’ers game.

(on another note Pinball is sounding REALLY logical and smart right now while being interviewed at the RB Argo’s game…great interview)

He should be COMMISSIONER!!!

It would seem to be that way on my cable. Four TSN stations all have the Rider/Stamp game starting at 8:00.

could it be possible that the game isn’t actually starting until 8?

Starts at 7:30 according to


even TSN would know that ratings would be higher (like 2x higher) for the West game vs the East game tonight.

I’m really excited to watch the west game. I know it’s going to be a good’en.

edit: My rogers guide shows the RR Stamps game on at 9:30 Eastern on TSN1