GDT: Roughriders @ Lions October 18th!

LeoVegas has the Saskatchewan Roughriders as 7.5 point favourites on the road in Vancouver. Do you agree? Or could the Lions spring a few unpleasant surprises on their green garbed guests?


This will be ugly!!

SSK will dominate, there will be much more green than orange in the seats

I think that the Rider defense will keep putting the Rider offense back on the field. BC will get worn down and then start to give up a lot of yards and points.

teams with nothing to lose and a QB that you don’t have tons of film on can be a tough opponent.

If Danny O’Brien can simply get the ball into the hands of the Lions’ playmakers, e.g. John White, Brian Burnham, Shaq Johnson, the Lions could actually make a real game of the contest. And O’Brien has been kicking around since 2014 with the opportunity to learn from some of the very best, e.g. Henry Burris, Trevor Harris, Mike Reilly.


Not sure that I’d trust him to get the ball to his own guys and not the Riders’ D! Just because he’s learned things from players like Burris and Reilly doesn’t mean he can actually execute what he’s learned.

That sounds about right! Hope that i can stay awake for this one. BC looked pretty ineffective against EE last week after Reilly went down and I think the Riders are a better team.

Why did Claybrooks have to use a challenge on a potential scoring play…

Why does the CFL just make glaring and obvious mistakes and nobody ever seems to talk about them?

I think the panel mentioned that at the half.

They don’t know where to start, because there’s toooo many to dicuss. ;D

…also I like your avatar Crash …I’ve always loved The Little General. He was one helluva QB and CFL commentator as well as an all-around good guy.

Well at least they brought back the second challenge this season - if the first one is successful. Claybrooks I don’t think has had much luck with his challenges but sometimes I think he was groping at straws.

BC certainly trying to play spoiler and make a game of it. We’ll see if they can hang in there or if the greenies pull away this half.

Riders are starting to feel it now …I think they’ll easily cover the spread tonight

Not a bad game by O’Brien so far with so little time playing .

Riders starting to take control .

Just watched Dunnigan in the Ram commercial .

Nice CFL co brand I Like to see to sell the game .

But that’s the point.
If he challenges a play he’s not allowed to challenge…it’s a 5 yard delay of game penalty.

So they shouldn’t allow him to throw the flag and the booth needs to automatically review it.

It’s so frustrating as a fan because I shouldn’t know the rules better at home than the coach and the command centre.

Saskie just covering the spread if the game ends as it is with about a minute to play. Of course in the CFL ANYTHING can happen - but I don’t think it will tonight. (or should I say this morning - in the east).

Got to feel for the young BC QB Kraemer who got in just a few plays before being injured and taken off on the cart.

Well, to get picky, the rule states all scoring plays are reviewed. Since the play wasn’t called a scoring play by the refs, the auto review doesn’t apply.

The rule states scoring plays and potential scoring plays are reviewed.


I stand corrected.

yeah, that has changed…it should have been reviewed