GDT: Roughriders @ Lions July 27th!

So last Saturday in Regina it was Saskatchewan 38 British Columbia Lions 25. But the second game of back-to-back tilts can be completely different from the first. Ask the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

So how will things turn out in Vancouver tomorrow?


The Riders will still win likely by less than 7 though.

Think that’s a pretty fair assessment.

Depends which Rider team comes to play, D has been hot and cold, If we come hot we win!!

Well until BC can start to protect Reilly and the rest of the team steps up to play, I’ll be picking whoever is playing against them.
So far it’s - 12-3 Riders!

Well 10 point swing keeps BC in the game.

I need to take a second to appreciate those Lions jersey’s. They look sharp. The guys wearing them, decidedly less so, but still those are nice looking.

Lankford keeping the Lions in this one sort of. Ferraro pretty much looked like he did as little as possible to tackle him on both runs too lol.

Lankford with 2 returns for TD now. Have not been following him. Is he a real burner?

This is easily the worst lions team I’ve ever seen. Even worse than the Paul Brothers era. 1 field goal in 3 quarters. by the offence just doesn’t cut it.

But by Argo standards right now they appear to be world beaters.

Okay, maybe not. 57 yards offense after 3???

Riders making this look easy.

Lauther cant come back soon enough

He was released by Ottawa for a ST mistake that (maybe?) cost them a game or at least the possibility of winning. Looks like he’s picked up his game - responsible for the majority of BC’s points at the moment. Maybe that’s their new strategy for keeping Reilly from getting killed - just let the STs do the scoring? :wink: :smiley: Of course that’s not good for the defense who would constantly be on the field - oh right that’s already happening! :smiley: :smiley:

Where’s Lauther and who’s doing the kicking? (aside from Ryan punting of course)

Hey TabbieFan- like me are you watching Fajardo’s development and hoping for Evans to do the same.

Talking heads are giving offensive linemen some love, explaining the inside game to kids and any people who are new viewers or possibly new fans. Good to see. I was bitching about them last night and appreciating them more today.

Ferraro is doing the kicking. Lauther has been out 3 weeks now with a leg injury. He should be back next week.

Reilly out. Maybe Lions can loan him to the Cats for 14 or so games. Sort of a big cat lend-lease arrangement.