GDT: Roughriders @ Eskimos October 26th!

Wrong, I would have in favour of keeping Collaros and Harris.
Ray was done and it was pure luck that we happen to win the 17 GC with a team no better than .500
win-loss record team.
As for CF, he likely would have been given the chance if there was no Ray.

Idunno…you can’t start like that against the Cats, Bombers or Stamps and expect good chances of coming back. It is tough enough against any team…Riders have shown how hard it is against those more polished.

Fajardo credits his success to his time behind Ricky Ray and Travis Lulay. You never know what happens if he’s thrown to the wolves without an opportunity to grow as a backup.

Not good…he looks much better in Green

Winnipeg already has half our castoffs…you can’t have anymore :wink:

Fact - They won the cup.

Highly unlikely that happens without Ray. Unless being perhaps the greatest CFL QB of all time, or at least in the conversation, is something you feel is not a factor somehow.

Also a fact, there was a Ray, who went on to set a record for championships, so yeah, others obviously never got looks.

I am confident that most would have agreed in 2013 and 2015 that you hold Ray over Collaros and Harris. also pretty confident that most would agree that you don’t risk first place by sitting Ray to see if some unkown QB had anything. That is some pretty epic 20/20 vision going on there.


That’s what concerns me, but they have to make better coaching decisions, 'like not going on 3rd & 3 near mid field …kick the damn thing and pin them deep and if you don’t fumble on your own one yard line would help too.

Two thoughts from earlier posts:

It was not a blowout
EE doesn’t scare anyone. Who exactly have they beaten this season aside from Toronto, Ottawa and BC? Harris looks good and they have some good players on D but they can’t seem to put it all together against better teams.

and if you are going to go for it…maybe don’t do playaction. Other team is not biting on it…they are coming in full force and if you happen to have enough time to burn them deep (unlikely)….so be it.

They have the talent but their coaching is mediocre.

I believe I pointed this out a week or 2 back…the Esks have the #1 D in a lot of areas, and an argument can be made for perhaps the best overall, or very close. With Harris back, they are a threat. Their issue has never been O so much as the red zone O…only Ottawa was worse there. They are around 10% lower than any other playoff team in the RZ. Fix that and they are damned good, cuz their O knows how to move the ball overall.

As far as blowouts…they have really only had 2 all season IIRC. one against the Stamps, one against the Cats…only one of those had Harris dressed.

No kidding …I didn’t like the call from the start

3rd & 3 is hard to get by rushing outta the back field. If you’re gonna gamble, throw a short pass or toss a quick pitch-out, but I still wanted them to punt it and pin them deep to make them work for a long score. I hate when they give a short field to their opponents. It usually comes back to haunt you…and almost did.

been saying it for 3 years, Macadodo needs to go. Get us a real OC and then watch us play!! He makes some real boner calls at the worst times. We are lucky we won this one. hats of to Cody, this is the 4 or 5th time he wins it on the last set of downs!! Playing like a vet, far beyond his experience.

It wasn’t the Eskimos’ coaching that wilted in the face of the Roughriders’ passing attack in the second half. And it wasn’t their coaching that somehow allowed the Roughriders to pass down the field for a last play of the game field goal when they had the Roughriders pinned at their own six. It was the Defence.


As bad as Macadodo can be, it’s on the head coach for a 3rd and 3 gamble

Cody seems to play better as the game goes on and has usually been money in the bank in the 4th, but he can’t afford to give away fumbles to the opposition inside his own 5 yd line (especially in the playoffs)

One more win next week for the Riders (or a Calgary loss) and they’ll clinch 1st place and a bye.
Then they can just relax next weekend, heal the bumps and bruises while watching Winnipeg and Calgary (hopefully) kill each other in the western final.

Then we’ll finish off whoever the beat-up team is coming into Mosaic for the Western Final

We HAVE to beat the Esks next weekend …it’s a MUST

Well as for the esks. They did bring in alot of top FA’s at key positions.
So they played well but the new chemistry was just not all there.

It culda been worse like BC Lions

As for Mac at OC for the Riders idk how good he could be.
But I do know the all powerful Chris Jones Hancuffed the Riders time during his tenure as GM/HC/DC.
As Gm he brought in all Defensive guys to fit his system firts and Foremost.
So as the DC the Riders D. Players he brought in made him look like the best DC since sliced Bread.
As A defensive minded HC. He remibded me of old eagles head Coach Buddy Ryan.
Arrogant SOB.
MY defense will win us games. So offense just dont mess up.

Totally agree and mentioned it back when it became obvious to me Jones wasn’t “truly” committed to building a formidable offense and the Riders game suffered as a whole IMHO
Now we see a far more balanced attack AND A Better Record then anytime with Jones.
Yes, he was and is a Defensive Guru but didn’t imo appreciate the necessity and excitement of BUILDING a GOOD Offense.

I am not sure how someone can say that…or are you suggesting guys like Moore, Blake, Evans, JWL, etc are garbage? Meanwhile…This present management has brought in the highest paid D player in the league and a very vet middle LB…where was Jones spending on bringing in new guys on D last year? The O was largely new and very young last year…a year together can go a long way.