GDT: Roughriders @ Eskimos October 26th!

For the Saskatchewan Roughriders Emmanuel Arceneaux displaces Jordan Williams-Lambert at WR on the depth chart.

Meanwhile Trevor Harris will return to the helm of the Edmonton Eskimos and Shaq Cooper will start again at RB in place of the injured C.J. Gable.

The Eskimos are favoured by 1.5. Do you agree?


This game I think is harder to call but the Riders do have more to play for than the EE who are pretty much locked into the crossover position so they’ll no doubt be out with guns a-blazing (figuratively of course). Trevor Harris is back but it remains to be seen how well he’ll be throwing the ball. AND even with him at QB they were only a .500 team. Think the Riders do win this one but it’s the CFL and ANYTHING can happen!

Harris has played very well against Riders in his time in Ottawa. Riders need their A game to win this one IMO.

Harris is looking good thus far but the game has barely started. Looks like he's having no problem slinging it down the field. Should be a good game.

I think the East should be worried if they’re watching this…

Riders laying a big goose egg today … This game is going to be a blow out

Riders can’t catch a break. Then again, they’re not exactly earning any breaks either.

It's been rather disappointing thus far

So if the lights don’t come on in the next hour do they call the game and give the Eskimos the win ? ;D

They better call it think of the children .

I'm watching and I doubt that I'm the only one. I'm not worried though!

Nope - aside from the fact that the lights did come back on after a short delay, they have to be at least halfway through the 3rd quarter to call the game. That was the case in Montreal - close to the end of the 3rd when they had the weather delay.

Great drive by Fajardo from the 6 to FG .

Cool under pressure .

Congrats to the Riders on your win.

That last drive is a career maker for Cody …

Impressive. This guy is for real.

That was a thing of beauty.
Cody’s drive from the 6 in the last two minutes, you cannot say enough about it.
The kid has been doing this all season, right now he is my West MOP for sure.
With his 429 yards passing and Harris not to shabby at over 300 yards.
So both former Argo QB’s passing over 700 yards.
To think we had both and how good would Cody look in the Double Blue…to dream.
Never mind the stupidity of our previous manangement.

I believe that is his 4th game winning drive nearing/at end of 4th q...pretty impressive. Slow starter, strong finisher.

In fairness. CF never really got a chance to do much in Toronto...tough to put too much on them for that one. Harris, they never wanted to have leave, but you are not releasing Ray back then

Yeah, it's not how you start - it's how you finish

Riders now have a chance to finish 1st place with a win next week

GOOOO Riders!!!