GDT: Roughriders @ Blue Bombers September 7th!

Will the Saskatchewan Roughriders complete the sweep in Winnipeg tomorrow?

Or will the Chris Streveler and Johnny Augustine led Blue Bombers extract revenge against the Roughriders for past indignities?


Love the Bombers in this one.

Last year, the 'Riders “won the Banjo, lost the war”, by winning in September but losing in November. This game needs to be kept in perspective; there’s a lot of football games left on the schedule. The Blue Bombers have been the class of the CFL until the Harris affair and the Labour Day loss.

Winnipeg will rebound tomorrow afternoon.


Winnipeg doesn’t win the LDC, but they sure don’t lose the Banjo Bowl… for as long as I remember (my memory might be skipping something)

Edit: Holy cow I have a bad memory when it comes to football results!

There have been 15 Banjo Bowls. The Riders have won 7 and the Bombers have won 8.

It is 8-7 Bombers over the last 15…so they lose almost half. Riders won last year, Bombers for 3 in a row before that.

Regardless right now of the outcome, this is gonna be one hell of a game, like LDC it will also be close!! To very good teams!!

…flag fest fun

Riders d is playing horrible. Too many second and long conversions and penalties.

Riders are handing it to them on a platter with bad penalties and bad tackling.
Someone needs to teach them to wrap up instead of going for the glory shot on Streveler.

Riders are getting Mcadooded today.

Someone should remind him that he has William Powell.

Am I the only one who is heartily sick and tired of these repetitive 7/11 ads?

Ha. I suspected the Bombers who come out with more hunger, but this is pretty bad lol

Tough to practice tackling when you cant have padded practice. Big factor in BCs OL issues as well.

I agree with you on that point, but other teams have the,same restrictions and seem to be able to tackle us just fine.

Late in the half, at least we can say that the anemic O led to fatigue for our D. But what is the excuse for that early drive? Streveler should have been pinned inside the 5, and they let him walk out 20 yards? That set the whole tone right there.

Good point. Same with respect to BC’s o=line. If it’s a big factor for them, why is not a big factor for the offensive lines on the other 8 teams?

yeah, but if you happen to find your groove with tackling, you are fine…not so much if it needs work. And all teams need it. Sloppy tackling is a common theme this season.

What a butt-kicking this is.

Could we please see Issac Harker now.

It was predictable that the bombers would win this game … full marks to them for hitting on all cylinders today. Riders look horrible today

…that was a beautiful TD, outstanding for all…