GDT: Roughriders @ Argonauts September 28th!

The Roughriders have been playing unspectacular but winning football lately. Will this continue tomorrow in Toronto?

Meanwhile the Argos once again have a QB controversy. Will James Franklin be the one to pull the Argos out of their nose-dive?

Stay tuned! All this and more will be revealed tomorrow.


The Argos have shown lately that they can actually take the talent they have and actually turn it into a couple of wins. If Sask makes too many mistakes, Boatmen have a chance.

I think that there should be another poll about this game.

Which team will have more supporters in attendance?

How about an over/under poll for total attendance of 10,000?


Or we could try this…discuss the game itself without the useless jokes about the attendance. I’ll be there and will have a great time, but I admit the damaging comments from anonymous parties on forums about the lack of attendance is draining.

VOnce again Rider nation is bringing up the home attendance numbers in the other teams ballpark. There’s gotta be 11,000 fans easy for this game

And 1000 are freebees

Didn’t see the first half (out for dinner) but it doesn’t really look like a barn burner to this point.
Boatmen have been playing better but don’t expect them to pull out a win - but then I didn’t expect them to beat Winnipeg earlier in the season so I suppose anything CAN happen. It is after all the CFL!

What can I say.
Horrible team, poor coaching and done for the year.
Franklin worse then I expected and that was bad last year.
Fajardo looks like an MOP in comparison, and to think we had him once.
But, it was the Ricky Ray will he play or won’t he that ultimately caused what 3 good QB’s we had to leave.

Green&White even more outstanding than the Double Blue in this aspect of the game.

I get the fact that the team sucks and they’re getting pounded but do you think ANYBODY could get a block for Rainey on the missed FG?
For cripes sakes, don’t leave a teammate out to dry.

Looks like the Riders are now being generous and helping the boatmen to narrow the score! Letting them run down the field and giving them a free 15 yards. Or maybe not.

Did he just chuck the helmet? TSN went to commercial without showing it

Ok - bizarre challenge lol

Gotta show they are still trying … LOL

Well it’s Chamblin - I’d say most of his challenges this season have been borne out of desperation. Have to wonder if he feels he’s sitting on the hot seat and will be job hunting again in about 6 weeks?
Don’t think he made his point clear enough before their first game - “This is football - we play this game to WIN IT!” ;D ;D

Rider nation does travel well - or live all over the country. I’d say the stands were more green than blue tonight - certainly by the end of the game.

And the marathon for the panel continues!

And yet down 24 he didn’t go for 2.

He’s lost


looked like it was coming off in some shoving, so he just finished removing it and dropped it.