GDT: Roughriders @ Alouettes August 9th!

WillMontréal’s nightlife takes its toll on Cody Fajardo and crew or will they simply continue to put up the stats?

Will the Alouettes without Vernon Adams Jr. simply slump back to early season form or is Antonio Pipkin up to the task at QB? Might the loss of star RB William Stanback be an even more critical factor for the Als?

We’ll find out early tomorrow evening.


If Khari can figure out what to do with Pipken, then the Als win; otherwise, Greenies take it.

No VAJ. No Stanback.

I predict this one’s gonna be ugly. Expect Riders D line to make a big cauldron of Pipken stew.

Riders are missing key parts to O line and even more so to D line, S Evans may not play either, Cody’s Fav target. Gonna be an Interesting game to say the least. Still think we will win, but Als are always tough in their barn. Go Riders!!

Hate doing it but the Als may take it.
Riders missing 3 of 4 of their starting DL. Johnson, Evans and Leonard.
No Stanback may be only chance for Riders.

Don’t see how Als have a prayer.


No Stanback.

No chance.

Couldn’t agree more.
VA is the key and his injury early last game was the reason the team lost.
With horrid Pipkin and on top of no Stanback, this could be a rout for the Riders.

In a motel room with TSN channels 2 and 5. No football for me.

See? The Als can get a TD off of a punt, too!

Gee I wonder why the viewing numbers are down for the CFL .

That TSN they are so good as a CFL partnership .

So eastern Ontario , Quebec and Atlantic provinces for a game in Montreal are watching UFC .

Bede must know someone high up .

Just so inconsistent for so long .

Wha what a hit . No chance on that for Pipkin .

More of that punishment on the QB and they may want to call Bridge back .

Who painted the hash marks? They’re crooked!

Brutal RTP call. Absolutely brutal!

Who does Andre Proulx have compromising pictures of because it’s the only way he keeps a job in the CFL.


42 came so quick, I thought he had to be off-side.
How Pip got up after that, I dunno.

Can’t believe he was right back on the field. He got rocked hard.


It is on RDS. They could have put the repeat of UFC on TSN2. CFL needs to get someone else interested. TSN gets worse every season.

I’m good tonight as I got the Internet version of TSN where half the time they line up the wrong channels with the wrong content but I was like Pikk last year with basic cable in a hotel and couldn’t get the game involving Ottawa and Hamilton in Ottawa .

Yah thought he would go thru a protocol after that hit but must have answered the questions right like where are you right now .