GDT: Riders @ Ticats was so mechanical, and worked perfectly haha

That was a pretty borderline offensive pass interference call there. Who takes an intentional grounding penalty on a free play? Throw it down the field.

...Hamilton, not looking too sharp right now...

Masoli has looked off all night. He's had 3 passes by my count that should have been intercepted. He isn't getting that good of protection and he's not very accurate with his throws. I wonder if we see Manziel soon?

Did NOT see this coming. I was sure Hamilton would win. :frowning:

Wow TSN showing postgame press conference with June Jones on Sportscentre.

Glad to see they’re finally promoting their property by covering it more extensively

Well that was a brutal.

One very frustrated crowd leaving THF with a lot of conversations around me about giving Maziel a chance. And nobody is only blaming Masoli - but something has to be done.

One offensive touchdown in the last 9 quarters for the Cats. That ain't good enough. That's a stat for a team that deservedly has a losing record.

Masoli is displaying the kind of performance I expect about half the time from thim. He is Kevin Glenn - lite just as I stated weeks ago.

Masoli has been figured out now and other defensive coordinators will mirror what the Riders have done in the past two games.

Did he even touch him? lol

June Jones is going to relive a few of his decisions as he wakes up for bathroom runs 4 or 5 times shot. But wow, he made some bad ones. Jones woulda looked like a turd if the 3rd and 2 failed as well....but him doing that is a huge confidence booster for the OL. They really stepped it up after that.

I felt that mid 4th he should have been given a crack. Masoli was not playing badly, but sometimes you need to simply change it up. Rider D had his number.

Just like I said. Masoli can't find the end zone. Its 20 yards deep at each end of the field. Masoli will always be nothing better than a backup QB. Throw for 300 yards each week but if you can't find the end zone you're not going to win many games. That's a fact.

Wake up people of Hamilton.

Its time to bring in Manziel. He'll show you what he's capable of doing.

So what you're saying is you haven't actually seen him at practice, so have no clue how he's doing adapting to the Canadian game. But he has to be better than Masoli because...why again? Gut feel? How he played in college? How he played in the NFL?

Well we better hope our backup can throw some touchdown passes - something our starter hasn't done in 2.5 games now - otherwise we're screwed and well on our way to another losing season..

I was at the game last night - but as always I also also PVR’d the game - so that I can go back fast forward through to key plays. I was just going to delete it this morning but thought what the heck check out the big plays and see what went right or in the case of every big play in the second half what went wrong.

All I can say is - it wasn’t just the Cats that had a bad night. What was up with Chris Cuthbert? On a few of the big plays that I just fast forwarded to - he misidentified the ball carrier and had to correct himself just as the player was scoring or being tackled. The Thigpen tochdown he had wrong, a couple of long first down runs for the Riders he had the wrong player, wrong Ti-Cats receiver a couple of times. Bad night all around I guess unless you are a Riders fan.

Cuthbert isn't that much older than Rambunctious Rod Black (think CC is 61/62; Sir Rodney is 56/57 . . . . . but yeah, I also noticed Cuthbert struggling somewhat with his calls - and always a reluctance to correct yourself on the spot so sometimes he's just muffled when Suitor cuts in with his personal brand of babble.

As for the Ticats, what can u say? Junebug Jones & his coaching staff certainly worthy of the weekly O'Shea-Hall-Lapolice most dismal coaching performance. It was embarrassing if you're a cats fan - Masoli was a combination of Boxcar Willy & Kevin Glenn - very deflating!

So Marcus Thigpen had ten carries for 64 yards going into yesterday evening's game, and he ran for eighty yards and a touchdown on his sole carry yesterday. Why would the Roughriders' brain trust not opted to have him rush with the ball a few more times after that scamper? If it's working, why go away from it?


Nothing like missing a touchdown live while Brodie Lawson interviews the Beaches. ::slight_smile:

Brodie Lawson was the most exciting thing to happen to that game! The Beaches a close 2nd - Kate Beirness shrieking up the panel 3rd . . . .