GDT: Riders @ Ticats

This one is the second leg of a H-A for Sask, as they had a bye last week.

They beat the Ticats at home week 4, but barely; 18-13.

Looking forward to see another football game between the two teams - a decent 30-19 Hamilton win.

It is also the second leg of an A-H for Hamilton, and they had a bye last week as well!

I would like to say riders find an offence, but I don't see it happening this week.

I don't think this will be close. Hamilton by 14 points, and that's just because the defence keeps them in it for a while.

I doubt it will be Hamilton by 14 points. Masoli can't find the end zone. lol

If it was Manziel at QB then I would say 14 points is a possibility.

You've been that impressed with him when you've been watching him at practice? Weird that Jones hasn't switched his starter, given that he's performing so much better there than Masoli.

Appears Masoli and coach Jennifer Jones came down with a bad case of P.L.D. - aka Paul LaPolice Disease - running Masoli sideways on a 3rd and few inches - - - Masoli actually lost a foot, allowing Sask'n massive penetration while sliding off the line!

PLOP a proud poppa disseminating his winning short yardage plays!!!

My two favorite miked up players now should have mikes on them every game. They are Ticats LB Simoni Lawrence and Winnipeg QB Streveler. They're both wild animals miked up - better than listening to Dullish Duane or Black blather on.

As far as coaches I'd love to have O'Shea miked up permanently - the guy is such a perfect scatterbrain - his brain farts are legendary and he provides a perfect play by play backdrop.

Historically the guys I'd love to hear during every play of their fabulous careers:

  1. Matt Dunigan
  2. Dan Kepley
  3. Chris Walby
  4. Milt Stegall
  5. Jon Cornish
  6. Angela Mosca
  7. Ed McQuarters
  8. Chirpin' Troy Westwood
  9. James "Wild" West
  10. Jackie Parker
  11. Indian Jack Jacobs

Is not the Bridges experience Over!! Again.

Riders need to clean up the penalties on defense. Hamilton is without Tasker, gotta take advantage and not gift them repeat first downs by penalty.

This rider offense is painful to watch

Great salute to Andy Fantuz - one of the great Canadian players to ever suit up in the CFL.

Give the guy a few diction lessons and microphone technique and he should be on the TSN panel or replacing deadwood color commentators like Duane Forde or Suitmeister.

This camera angle is brutal.

10 point lead by the Ticats at the break. Actually a fairly close half, save for the punt return. Teams are less than 10 yards apart. Masoli has a lot of work if he wants to extend his streak, only at 85 yards so far and has been off target on a number of passes. They're winning though, I'm sure he'll take the W and and let the streak end over extending it and losing.

Masoli ain't gonna set no records tonite - CJ Jones is far too good a defensive coach and has the personnel to severely limit Masoli; CJ isn't a very good offensive coach (ya think) and he's only a slightly above average CFL head coach - perhaps a couple rungs higher than Iron Mike O'Shea!!!

Man that Thigpen is fast - Hamilton never had a sniff. Can't believe the guy is 33/34

VERY well said. I like

Whatever sequence of plays that was for Hamilton, burn that playbook.

What a beautiful fake an toss. TD

By the way add Caroline Cameron to the desk as well.