GDT: Riders @ Stamps

Showdown atop the big bad West Division standings, and it's a rubber match.

They split the first two games, both in Regina, with Sask winning the most recent one.

Can the Watermelons Ride the Stamps out of Calgary?

Looks like it’s going to be a close one - unless someone pulls ahead in the second half. Riders seem to have found their lost offence - either that or the horses D is out munching on hay! BLM seems a bit lost without his usual support group out there to snag the ball. As a Ticat fan I can sympathize - have to wonder how Masoli will do without Banks. Too many key receivers down with injury this year.

A great first half for the Riders, too bad they couldn’t score from the red zone instead of the FG’s as this game would not be close.
Another week and Mitchell and the offense looks poor, I know the injuries to the receivers but still.

Don Jackson looked really good and then Calgary just kind of went away from him for some reason. I think Calgary is fortunate to be only down by 9. 248 yards to 91.

Yup the horses look like they forgot to come out of the barn on such a nice looking day! :smiley:
I’m surprised that the score is as close as it is. Maybe the Stamps just aren’t all that interested in locking up first place tonight! :o :o

Looks like Morris is getting the carries at RB this half - maybe Jackson was injured?

Looks like Mr. Roger’s neighbourhood just got invaded by the green and white guys! ;D Disappointing end to a promising drive.

Excellent game so far, interesting.

Opi? Come on.

Suits is right, sets a precedence, a bad precedence, let the players play. Crap overturn.

Rarely called but maybe it should be more often. Seems that some DPI are the result of the receiver not giving ground to the defender trying to play the ball. Regardless they finished the drive and got the points - and used more clock time!

How was that dpi?

Didn’t say that it was - just that some DPI calls seem more like the receiver not giving ground to the defender but its the defender who will usually be called for trying to make a play on the ball.

This is looking eerily like the Ottawa/Hamilton game last night with the roles reversed - in this case its the visitor with the slight lead eating up the clock while the home team stands helplessly on the sideline hoping to get the ball back to win the game.

Been a long time since the stamps lost two in a row.

A year.

I’m talking on the Calgary td drive. Oh well Riders win

Important win for the Riders, still need to beat BC next week to clinch a home playoff game. They were the better team most of the game, they deserved to win. Calgary put up a good fight in the 2nd half, their offense finally got moving.

Lone blemish for Bo was that terrible pass into coverage while he had ages back in the pocket. Mike Edem returned the favour on the next drive when he took a boneheaded penalty on a play that would have been a two and out and Calgary marched down for a touchdown.

That was Collaros circa 2015 when he was with the Cats and was on his way as the league MOP before being injured for the year.
If he can play this type of caliber for the rest of the season, there is no doubt in my mind the Stamps will not be the West champ.
Heck even BC may win, either way we are in for a great GC.