GDT: Riders @ Stamps

More Stamps penalties.

BLM, does a lot of community work. I like him.
I just would like to see him less cocky.

Sometimes teams mirror the coach.

One of the guys I would like to see grow up is coach DD.

He is worse than J. Moss with the tantrums.

Left knee was down before the ball came out. Once again the CC blows a call and dramatically impacts a game. I can't watch when it gets like this. They have to get rid of video review before these idiots in the CC decide a Grey Cup.

Video review is turning the league into a joke.

Bo sure got ROCKED on that play but the RTP negates the pick 6. Interesting turn of affairs here as mentioned by Suitor/Cuthbert - they now have a Canadian QB vs Canadian QB in the game as Buckley is in for Bo.

He had plenty of time to " hold up "

Big mistake. Stamps are the best team for making you pay for mistakes.

Last Cdn. vs. Cdn. QB - Russ Jackson vs. Franky Cosentino (Ham), circa mid 60s?

D'Attilio vs. Jackson (or did Jerry show up after Russ was done?

I know I have a reputation for tormenting the crap out of timid and meek rider-rat fans (not quite the level Area51 dissects them) but right now I fear the Riders more than any team in the league.
Coaching, quarter-backing, trenches, discipline, etc. all seem to be coming together after a trying couple of years.
Brando Marshall (ex Bomber) gives them a legit running threat.
Glenn is gradually giving way to Bridge as riders #1 guy (always the way with The Coffee Boy)

Strongest aspect of riderville right now - their trenches. Over-powering the Calgary o-line (a good one) and punching Pope Levi in the mouth!

That’s why I said 2 steps... rider never even tried to avoid the hit.

And DCmoses are you at the game? They showed all replays tsn had and in every one the ball came out before the knee. Can you post the vid that shows otherwise? I mean you have something not even the stamps did ... they would have challenged it if they had any film showing it being down

I know that Bo - like many other CFL players - does a lot of good in the community and gives of his time. It's the cockiness that rubs me the wrong way. Don't notice it so much with DD. I guess I'm just used to our guys who IMO (biased of course!) are always humble and working hard.

Dave Dick is always in mini-tantrum mode. His face is always 'loaded with chirp', worse than anyone else - Maas full-boar tantrums are rip-snortin', foamin' up affairs. FUN TO WATCH!

Happy to see my ex-Ticats (Bartel, Bakari, Pete D, and Chad - finally on the field) doing well :slight_smile: Ticats seemed to do pretty qell against the Stamps lines too and managed to knock him off his feet a couple of times plus pick him off once anyway. Maybe they just aren't quite as invincible as everyone thought?

Only problem is they Riders doing so well tonight is hurting my fantasy lineup! :o :wink:

What is the challenge ? Normally they actually say what it is... did I miss it

If The Durongo Kid (Carter) could get permission from Randy I wonder if his post-TD celebration would involve peeing on Dickenson - prolly moreso Pope Levi!

Pope Levi looks lost tonite. Vatican putting out a missing persons report as I type!

They showed it on tsn .... it’s offensive pass interference.... good call

Love the rider yap on the sideline - "Hey Pope, he still yo best receiver!" lol

Bo is definitely done for the night. Let's see what Buckley can do.

Don't expect much - he came in cold!

True but I've seen him come in and do well enough off the bench. However that doesn't seem to be the case so far.

Calgary killing themselves with penalties sure doesn't help their cause. Just wish they'd choked a bit more in Hamilton last week - or Masoli had made at at least one of his wild tosses more accurately.

That should do it .... lions out

Yes sadly the playoff are going to be feline-free. :frowning: :cry:

And the unthinkable has happened - the Stamps have been defeated on home turf and by the Riders no less! :o :o :oMy daughter is NOT going to be a happy camper. :wink:

Suddenly the Stamps and Bombers look very, very vulnerable.

Stamps could easily lose next week vs. the hyper-aggressive mad-hatter Reilly.

However, don't expect Wpg. to go 3 wins and out - - - - - more probably is 3 losses and out!

So Western Playoffs could easily be Winnipeg vising Edmonton for Western semi; winner advances to Calgary.

Sask'n prolly hits crossover country - I'd have them pegged to go to Ottawa - could be a good one as the Redblacks have some decent stopper tools on a guy like Bridge. That said, favour Regina by 2.5

Edmonton at home vs. Winnipeg - favour Edmonton by 8.5
Winnipeg at home to Edmonton - favour Edmonton by 2.5