GDT: Riders @ Stamps

Can the Riders catch the Stamps napping?

They could, it’s really a nothing game for Calgary, each will be testing each other for the real game that matters in the playoffs.

...I think it will be a close one....nice weather anyways for late

Here is the Riders depth chart for the game ;D

A Calgary home game against the Riders is NEVER!! EVER!!! a nothing game!
Coach Dickenson will want to crush them,
I think he remembers the "WIN WITH CLASS" comment
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Good morning. Friday. Game day in Calgary. @calstampeders take 17 game unbeaten streak at home into tonight's game vs. @sskroughriders #CFL

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This is staggering.
Since 2008, the Stampeders are 71-16-1 at McMahon Stadium in Calgary. #CFL

No coach ever wants to lose the arrogant Jones and his ego. Nice screen grab too ;D

Not a nothing game. Calgary wins they lock up first. Unlikely it won't happen but you alaways want to seal the deal when you have the chance.

Big game for Sask'n - trying to move past the crossover (guaranteed) if Winnipeg or Edmonton falter down the stretch.

Since I don't see Reilly's Esks faltering that badly - the riders are looking at 3rd in west if they go like gang-busters - or cross-over if they play hard but still can't pass Wpg or Edmonton.

Edmonton will either be 2nd or 3rd (40% chance for Esks to nab 2nd)
Bombers will either be 3rd or 2nd (52% chance at 2nd place)
Riders will either be 3rd or crossover (8% chance riders get 3rd, 92% crossover)

Despite their record Bombers are most vulnerable due to injuries and growing concerns about offensive production. They may somehow cling to 2nd in West - but probably get themselves wacked by the surging Esks in the Western semi.

Riders could be even money vs. either Ottawa or Toronto (prolly Ottawa) in eastern semi - but would be favourites if game at New Mosaic. . . . . . underdogs going to Ottawa!

Riders have a very good shot at 3rd. Both teams face Calgary (let's assume loss's) and both face bottom feeders(Montreal and BC, let's assume wins) which means they meet in the final week and play for 3rd.

Only scenario where that last game is not for 3rd is if Edmonton wins both their games and Sask losses 1 or both.

Sitting here in Sask looking forward to a good game. Then storm this week caused a power surge and blew out my pvr. Shaw can't fix till next week. So grabbed the iPad to watch only to find out that here in Sask you can't watch the game on TSN 3 because the JETS regional game is on. Couldnt have watched on tv anyways.That's right, rider game is not televised in its designated TSN channel. It would be like having to watch a bills game instead of a cfl game. Thank god for tsn go.
Enough complaining, go riders.

About a month ago I was in a hotel in Toronto on a Friday night (Winnipeg and ?? - forget who the other team was at the moment) but the hotel of course only had TSN4 (regional for Ontario) and the game that was being shown was pre-season Leafs hockey instead of CFL!! >:( >:( >:(Thank goodness I had my computer to watch online - at least until they switched over part way through the 4th quarter. ???

I doubt that Calgary is going to lose at home but so far the Riders are giving them a run for their money early in the 2nd quarter. Of course there's always a first!

If Stamps lose this one, serves them right.

Wearing those god ugly, blacks.

Is it just me or have the Cats and Riders exposed some weakness in the Stamps shield ?

What a classless play to close the half. Lucky no one got hurt.

Agree with Dunigan, Carter is doing a very decent job out there in the secondary. Rider defense is stalwart so far.


Stupid and classless move by Davis.

I am very disappointed in some of the Stamps antics this season.

Grow up guys, act like adults.

There is more to the game then just talent and skill.

Maybe they've been reading too many of their press clippings about how good they are and hard to
beat - especially at home?? :-\ Maybe they aren't used to being down and barely having any points on the board in the 3rd quarter??

I used to like to root for them (my daughter's favourite team since she lived in Calgary for a while) but I find it harder all the time to root for them. Mitchell in particular I find a bit arrogant - too much success going to his head?

On another note - seems it didn't take long for Jones to pull Glenn in favour of Bridge - or did something happen to KG that I might have missed? Stamps no doubt spent the week preparing for Glenn and now are faced with the dual threat BB.

TSN feels ball was down ? Did I miss something ? Hope they show the replay with the stamp down

Bad spot but he was down on the 1

Just watched the replay (on the turnover) and while it was close, the ball came out just before the knee hit the turf.

Costly play for the horses as the Riders just scored the TD - on the second try. When's the last time the horses were held to under 10 points and NO major scores in almost three quarters?
Of course they didn't score an offensive TD in Hamilton last week until late in the game. First one came off of special teams.

About 2 steps late ..... really poor penalty