GDT: Riders @ Redblacks

Although Riders are mathematically exterminated from playoff contention - this game will be a tell about their future under Corky Jones.

My thoughts are the riders are ready to take control and snuff out the redblacks before they know what hit them - especially if Darian Durant is at the helm and has recovered from his most recent injury. It would be absolutely stunning if a rider team under Mitch Gale could TKO the 1st place redblacks.

In fact, as I started to opine over 3 weeks back, the riders are rounding into ultra-competitive form. A sloppy start to the Reign of the Corky with all the cheating, bad recruiting by Murphy and fines from league but Corky is building a decent team.

I had them fourth overall (in terms of on-field effectiveness) about 10 days ago.

After seeing the Bombers get squashed by Edmonton last week - I'm inclined to move the Riders up to 3rd overall (still doesn't get them into the playoff hunt) until I see what Edmonton can do - and if it was more the bombers keeling over and dying or Edmonton being that much better.

In any event -

  1. Calgary
  2. BC
  3. Riders or Edmonton
  4. Winnipeg or Ottawa
  5. Hamilton or Toronto
  6. Montreal

Funny, the only team officially eliminated from the playoffs is rated #3 or #4

I think the Riders are going to surprise many people here tonight.

Not to get picky here, but Edmonton has to win another game for Sask to be mathematically eliminated.

Why, Are you calling for them to lose? :smiley:

Schultz is back! :thup:

Let's go, Ottawa!

Durant to Bagg and into the kicking net. FG 3-0 Riders

Yes, Go Ottawa Go.

Also, it would be nice for the East and the CFL if at least one team in the East could have a decent record when the play-offs start

Anyone else's feed cutting out? Gone black two or three times now.

Happening out west in BC

Are they doing the open mic thing again?

My feed and audio have been in and out a few times as well.

Wonder if they're bleeping out the coaches swearing like a sailor? haha

Now the sound is cutting out. Come on, TSN.

But couldn't they cut the coach mics and keep the booth's mics live?

Yup , same thing here in the Hammer , very frustrating and annoying to say the least. :thdn:

Pruneau down. Not a good start for Ott so far.

Let’s go, Saskatchewan ! :slight_smile:

Some poor tackling by Ottawa.

Yes here in Calgary also.

I wonder if this live mic up is causing some interference.

I am no electronics wizard, but just saying.

BTW, still hate the live mic ups.

Ottawa defender slid off #9 like he was greased up.