GDT: Riders @ ORBs

The Watermelons got swept in last year’s edition of this series, so they will have payback on their minds.

The return game won’t be until late August.


Ottawa wins last week in a huge upset. And throwing 4 pics. Back home basking in the glow. Playing on a short week against a QB who has little tape on him. Sask controlled the clock last week against Hamilton but lost a tough one.

I think Sask steals this one or at least covers the 4.5.

REDBLACKS 31-18. I hope. :wink:

Sask will lose this one on their way to a win-less season.

…holey moley, 57 yarder

RedBlacks down 10 to 9 . Wow what a kick .

Glad to see the rain hold off it was a damp day today .

What the heck happened on the fumble? Officials on the field ruled Rider ball, replay looked like Thigpen had it, come back from commercial break and Ottawa has the ball?

Early on Dominique Davis looked terrible and got away with some really bad throws, now he’s gaining confidence and playing well.

A party going down in Ottawa.

SSK looking in trouble.

I figured with the QB’s in this game it would be a defensive showdown, I was wrong.

Looks like they’re playing “tit for tat”. A bit of a hard one to pick- both have unproven QB so I went with the home team but won’t be surprised if it goes the other way. Right now the offenses appear to be having their way in this sling fest.

yeah actually I was thinking the same thing and don’t think I predicted a very high score - they may have already hit my prediction!

LOL. No kidding . 42 pts combined already and counting with 5 minutes still to go in the half ?? I had this figured for a low scoring affair myself , so don’t feel bad about being wrong on this one :oYou’re not alone my friend .

I agree with the non call (I know, I know I’m biased). I think the ball was far enough out in front of the receiver that the tiny little bit of contact didn’t alter the result of the play.

Don’t think Campbell has a case based on what I saw in “real time” but it’s pretty weak. Early in the game to waste a challenge on a call that is pretty weak at best. Waste of his challenge IMO

Hey I thought he didn’t have a case either and I have NO horse in this race although a loss by the OTTRBs benefits my team! :wink:

Got greedy. Probably didn’t even deserve the 3 points with the previous throw looking like it hit the ground.

Agree with that too. Now THAT is a challenge that Dickenson probably would have won if he tossed his flag. Not sure how the official who was RIGHT there, didn’t see the ball hit the turf - thought he had a clear view.

It was closer than I thought on the replay, so real time maybe the official thought he had trapped it between his legs.

That far side official is having a bad game, that was a catch by Ottawa. Got them backwards.

for sure. I’m one who prefers to watch good defenses, and I’m sure not seeing that tonight.

Almost like last team to have the ball will win.

Too much offence for my liking.

Randle in particular has had a rough outing; I can see why Winnipeg let him go.