GDT: Riders @ ORBs

Ottawa is still licking its wounds, after an underwhelming Grey Cup encore. Will they come out of the gate rusty? Or hungry and motivated?

The Riders are humming on, have already taken down the East Division favourite Argos, in week one.

I think this will be a close game. Ottawa has to be chomping at the bit with a week 1 bye and they have good insight and film on all their opponents now. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes or takes the fewest penalties wins it.

Riders by 5.

I think Ottawa's rookie Korte starting is going to have his hands full. Starting at LG is pretty huge...but at least he is beside one of the best in SV Rogers. Then they have Evan Johnson who has started what...a couple games maybe? He is playing RT. The Rider ends are a pretty good combination this year and that seems like it could be a concern on the front 7 for the redblacks. Those guys might be great...but that seems like 2 tall asks for young OLmen.

2 of the normal offsets for something like this are to run up the gut and to do really quick passes. Wilder was stonewalled up the middle last we shall see, and short pass coverage played into the strength of the Rider D scheme last season and should again this year...Rider weakness, like last season, is trying to put it down field on them in big chunks. Kudos to those young linemen if they can get that done...would be pretty huge.

I am leaning towards Ott. I think the riders offense will miss Carter. It might be the difference

RBs by 6 but it’ll be a close one.

Interesting to get a look at SB Dominique Rhymes too

Rod Smith doing PXP, awesome!

Awesome pre-game episode on TSN - The 2 Kates are entertaining at the very least - Beirness really hates that the BC Streaker has sought legal counsel - she was really out for blood. Kate McKenna gave a more reasoned analysis of streaking over the years replete with some much forgotten footage.

Best part of the TSN show now is Brodie Lawson. Incredibly talented, self-taught football mind. TSN is smart to hand off more duties to Lawson - even though her main employer is

I suspect Brodie Lawson won't be long for the CFL. Unlike folks like Beirness and McKenna - who are far too Canadian and have obvious impairments to their speaking style Lawson is not burdened by such deficits.

She's smart, she's tall, she's blond and she's pretty darn good-looking. Her football IQ is off the charts. If that's not a formula for some talent agent from ESPN, NBC or NFL.Com to come a calling I don't know what is! Hopefully we can keep her as long as possible - but I doubt she'll be here for more than another year or 2.

Very nice of TSN to slip something into Rod Black's drink and have a pro named Rod Smith doing the play by play.

Smith is a bit rusty - and he's paired with a play by play man's worst nightmare - the lethargic Duane Forde but he's giving it a shot - and can only get better. No Rod Black means more attention to detail (game on field) and less distracted ramblings!

I'm a little jealous I don't get to see the pregame stuff on TSN, but you couldn't be more right about Brodie Lawson. She's excellence personified. I really enjoyed her various off season videos.

Much as I want to cheer for Collaros, I'm leaning toward the OTTRBs on this one - even though they haven't had a ton of success at home the last season or two oddly enough! Should be a close one either way.

If they continue to use Brodie Lawson she'll be the breakout star of TSN TV coverage this year - fuggedabud Davis Sanchez or Hoarse-Voiced Henry . . . .

Funny thing about Lawson - she's probably a far better video producer and writer/editor than on-air personality - but when you look a bit like Jennifer Lawrence and have great on-air personality - may as well put her to work!

Saw that "pick" coming a mile away.

Who wouldn't let Natasha in if she showed up with McCain wedges?

OTTRBs seem to have control of this one thus far. Riders moving the ball but not having much success scoring. Didn't think Jones had enough of a case there to challenge although at first glance it almost looked like PI.

Oh well - Duron forgot he's not playing receiver! ;)Pick 6 for him too!

Tie game - maybe.

What a beautiful stadium.

I would let her in either way. Like you wouldn't let her in sans-wedges.

Yes it is, and it has a unique feature that no other stadium on earth has... the 10,000 seat hockey area under the north stands.

It is a great stadium area. We were there for the GC but our seats were in the end zone so didn't get to see much of the actual stadium inside. We were in the arena during the GC festival. Great area around the stadium as well. Certainly worth a return visit.

Not great to hear that Collaros is undergoing concussion protocol. :frowning: OTTRBs better stop giving up so many yards of real estate for Bridge to run!