GDT: Riders @ Esks

The Riders can catch the Esks in the standings with a win on the road.

They only play twice this year, with the return game in early October.

FWIW Edmonton spanked Sask 35-12 in the preseason. In Alberta.

Picked Edmonton - Maas addressing the penalty issue for sure. For the Riders a few changes could pressure the Eskimos. Game of the week too perhaps, decent game none the less.

I am not decided,yet, but I am thinking about taking Saskatchewan over Edmonton. Their running game and defence are the main reasons. Edmonton is weak against the run. Mike Reilly may convince me to take Edmonton.

I will decide early Thursday afternoon.


I agree with Richard V. - but the pick is predicated on a number of variables:

  1. Reilly has a less than stellar nite - perhaps accumulating 300+ yds but having a couple picks (one for TD) and a fumble after getting snotted by a roaring rider DT/DE

  2. Zach brings us his Zaccalaro Zach Attack - NOT the Snack Collaros we've grown accustomed to last couple years.

  3. Riders D bends but doesn't break vs. Reilly.

  4. Rider special teams hold their own

Jones isn't an offensive genius by any means - he's a defensive laddy - but he's a darn fine defensive coach. If he can subdue or exhaust Reilly I'd say Rider nation has a 45% chance of pulling off the duke tonite!!! If Zach is mediocre (or worse) and Reilly is Reilly the Esks should be able to put away the Riders by the end of the 3rd quarter - turn off the engines and let the Riders close hard - but not win!!!

Lots of changes for Riders team. Could keep Edmonton off balance.
Gotta take the Riders for a "Road Win".
Go Riders GO!

Play was blown dead and the back is at the 5. The officials mark him at the 2 for a first down.

Nice little gift of a first down there on the 3. Forward progress stopped short of the first down at the 5.

This game has a lot to live up to the other one before it.

What's the crowd expected to be at this game? They mentioned largest crowd of the year expected, but didn't hear any numbers.

announced crowd is 36,000

Who thought that Chris Jones would be the calmer head coach? Jason Maas losing his mind on the sidelines.

For a live mic game, I'm not hearing a lot of chatter.

Looks like the Eskies have found a bit of defense here. Bu the looks of things this could be another close one unless someone takes off with it in the second half.

Put Christion Jones in my lineup thinking I'd get a few points off his returns but haven't even seen him :frowning:

Sure sounds like Zach Collaros purposely muffled his live game mic. That shouldn't happen. TSN technicians should look into it. . . .

And Maas generally just doesn't say much when he's mic'd up.

Not hearing much from Reilly either on his play calls.

Other than getting pissed w/ "Beard" for not snapping the ball fast enough on the final play of the half - the infamour kneel-down!

Problem with Jones wearing too many hats - roster mismanagement leaving them short a player on D! surprised he didn't put DC back on defense - but then he just scored a TD.
Of course he's so talented he could play both ways ::slight_smile:

Very subtle little push off by Walker there is all the difference between a knock down and a TD. Still an extremely tough and impressive catch.

Carter is NOT a good returner.

Maas has a hissy on the sideline as Mason romps down the field and the language obviously isn't good but not a sound comes out of his mic - ::slight_smile: :-\

I disagree with that overturn. Camera is at an angle, it’s close but it’s not conclusive.

So they overturn that call on a horrible camera angle. Wow

They must have more angles then what TSN showed as there was zero conclusive evidence to overturn that call based on tv replays