GDT: Riders @ Bombers

From beautiful (if you can call minus 2 & sleet/snow/rain beautiful) IGF Stadium at the University of Manitoba campus.

Today’s afternoon affair has all playoff number-crunchers crunching.

The first duty of football is to WIN GAMES. This is a litmus test for the bombers - they’ve already barfed up a couple losses to the superior riders.

With Zaccalero coming on as Rider QB, the bomber defense needs to hold to hold out any chance for victory.

Bombers are teasing the dressing of one key player - Weston Dressler - but history shows that when Dressler is wonky a day or two before - he seldom can make it to the starting line. Look for Dressler to be a late scratch this morning.

Bomber offense vs. Rider defense. If Riders continue their aggressive and strong play the bomber o could be severely crimped - even with Nichols coming out of his mid-season funk. Harris our only real weapon - could be useful if our o-line can open some small space for Andrew H. If not - 40 yds rushing or less in meaningful time.

Adams is Nichols main target - if he’s doubled or walled off - look for Nichols to panic in the pocket, either swallowing the pigskin (sacks) or trying to force the ball into tight coverage (picks). In any event the bomber passing attack will be largely comprised of short passes for anywhere from minus 5 to plus 5’s.

Weather is the biggest game factor!

Bomber advantages - a rowdy dowdy home crowd of 22,000 to 25,000 (should be curtailed by weather) and pinpoint punting to pin Sask’n in their own end; Plop also a superior OC to McAdoo

Rider advantages - clear advantage of CJ Jones over O’Panic Mike; Mike will leave Nichols in to die if he’s getting schmeered - Jones will make changes.

Always a couple reffing poops - but thats kinda expected in the current CFL.

Richie Hall’s defence looking really strong so far.

That pass was awful. I could of picked it off. The score (I just turned it on) is shocking.

Assuming Zach is going to be pulled for Bridge soon enough. We’ll see if it happens before half time.

…LaPolice’s offense ain’t too shabby either…

Yup; green team getting badly outcoached.

31 zip at the half; amazing game by the Bombers

7 straight quarters without an offensive TD for the green team.

Collaros at the half

8/18 (44.4%) , 69 yrds, 2 INT’s, 0 TD’s :-[

Absolutely terrible REC’s are not helping

Came in a bit late - had to attend a funeral for a friend . . . . wonderful ceremony by the way - she was a YUGE Elvis fan . . .

31-0 - in yo’ dreams baby!


My predict for final score - 34-20 Bombers, as Winnipeg notorious for going ultra-conservative in full 2 'n out mode while Bridge could rack up some easy TDs vs. soft defensive prevent!

Love Gord Miller on the stick - Black was screamin’ mad to get to Winnipeg but couldn’t catch the coueur de bois special via Lake of Da Woods!!!

Same score with barely more than 4 minutes to go!

Kind of hard to get much offense going when you don’t have a decent OL. Zach was sacked a few times and seemed to be running for his life just about every play. Reminds me of the early part of the 2017 season in Hamilton! Hard to believe that Chris Jones’ team is being shut out - not even a defensive play for a score! :o :o :o

Predicted a Winnipeg win and low scoring game - just didn’t think only one team would be doing all the scoring. Winnipeg D has be lights out!

Sara Orlesky awarded bomber player of the game by TSN crew (Lord Gord & Suitor) for being “out in the cold” (her job) and not getting her pretty little head bitten off by Furious Chris Jones (again, her job)

I wonder how Sheldon is doing??

He’ll be ready to fire EVERYONE after that debacle! ;D ;D ;D ;D :wink:

Wasn’t able to watch this one but Bombers SMOKED 'em eh? Will have to watch the highlights of this one.

Horrid game by the Riders today. Winnipeg seems to be getting hot at the right time. Is this the year their GC drought ends?

Lost a lot of money betting against them bombers the past few weeks. None more than this game. They are almost making me a believer again.

Watched the highlights this morning, that defence was beastly for Bombers. Yes, a tough team right now.

Attendance was 26,070 ???

Probably 6,000 Rider fans were there

……Biggest signing for the Bombers this year, Mr. Bighill and partnered up with Santos Knox they are a force…Let’s be honest though…Riders came into IGF on a short week BUT even taking that into account doesn’t explain their deplorable play,which resulted in a blanking …Not even 3 from Zack and company…c’mon…Bombers looked superior in every facet of the game…including the coaching…Riders left a beaten bunch and not only on the scoreboard…They’ve lost a few of their stalwarts for the year…which is going to haunt them down the stretch…Too late to acquire any trade help and their depth was weak before this
I think it all came crashing down for them in this game and showed that the Bombers are finding themselves at just the right time…We will be a force postseason…a fact I was very dubious about not that long ago